10 Reasons to Get Excited for Fifty Shades Darker

March 6, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

1. The soundtrack. Nothing is reliable yet, of course, though demeanour during what a initial film hath wrought. An Oscar assignment for The Weeknd! An extraordinary Beyoncé remix! A flattering ill Annie Lennox cover of “I Put a Spell on You,” not technically done for a film though featured prominently in a opening! The chances that a song will be value a cost of a film sheet are high, is what I’m saying.

2. Another turn of pretentious press interactions between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. It’s not that they don’t like any other, it’s that he had to start sharpened this exposed sex film approximately one notation after his mother had a baby. Maybe a miss of baby will make them reduction ungainly together, though it seems doubtful. Bring on a junkets! 

3. The participation of Tyler Hoechlin. His impression Boyce Fox doesn’t even seem in chairman in a books, so one can usually assume that producers added Tyler in since (1) he’s intensely attractive and (2) they’re environment adult some some-more cheating opportunities for Ana and group who aren’t named Christian Grey. This can usually be good for business, and by business we meant my eyes.

4. The participation of Leila. Spoiler warning if we haven’t review a book, though Leila is here to stir shit up. You consider you’re so lovable with your small cardigans, Anastasia, satirical your mouth and pushing Christian crazy? Think again. Also, implement some confidence thatch on your bedroom windows.

5. The participation of Jack Hyde. This film has some-more villains than an part of Game of Thrones, and Jack Hyde is one of a worst. Watching him get into a quarrel with Christian is going to be amazing. Also of note: He’s played by Eric Johnson, who will perpetually live in my mind as Whitney, a football bro who kept Lana from Clark Kent for so prolonged on Smallville

Three E’s though dual of them don’t know how to spell their names… @ericjohnson @ericafabs

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6. Kim Basinger. As Christian’s ex-domme Elena Lincoln aka Mrs. Robinson, in what is really this movie’s many ideal casting choice yet. They should only go forward and give her a spin-off right now.  

7a. The undiscerning though slight hope that there will be full-frontal penis in this movie. It substantially won’t happen, though anything is possible. Keep a dream alive! And settle for boundary if we have to. 

7b. Jamie Dornan giving some-more interviews about his penis pouch. There can’t presumably be anything left to say, though if there is, some courageous contributor will find out. Maybe they’ll have altered tote models for this film, or maybe he’ll have some kind of dick trip that he mentions in each singular men’s repository talk he ever does for a rest of his life. Stay tuned! 

8. An reason for because Ana is wearing Uggs in this photo. Because it’s gotta be good. There’s no approach personal shopper Caroline Acton authorised those into Escala.

9. Behind-the-scenes articles where crewmembers not so subtly indicate that E L James is tough to work with. She was notoriously “hands-on” during a initial movie, to a indicate that executive Sam Taylor-Johnson pronounced she was “difficult” (Sam is not returning for a sequels). Finding out that teenager book changes became vital battles will be half a fun. 

10. It competence not be boring. No matter how most we enjoyed a initial movie, it’s tough to repudiate that a tract can be summed adult with “So are these dual gonna date or what?” But this one has Christian’s ex-lovers, guns, tire slashings, and a whole slew of new group perplexing to take Ana from Mr. Grey. There competence indeed be … conflict? And Ben Wa balls.

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