10 Scenes From "Fifty Shades of Grey" That Are Begging to Be Retold From …

June 15, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

1. Christian and Ana’s initial meeting.

I pull open a pathway and event through, tripping over my possess feet and descending headfirst into a office. Double crap — me and my dual left feet! we am on my hands and knees in a pathway to Mr. Grey’s office, and peaceful hands are around me, assisting me to stand. we am so embarrassed, damn my clumsiness.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: It’s time readers finally know what Christian found so overwhelming about Ana. Did her awkwardness now make him think, Wow, she would make a good submissive? What was a appeal, exactly?

2. Their assembly during a hardware store.

I’m pensive in a task, checking catalog numbers opposite a equipment we need and a equipment we’ve ordered, eyes flicking from a sequence book to a mechanism shade and behind as we make certain a entries match. Then for some reason, we peek adult … and find myself sealed in a confidant gray gawk of Christian Grey, who’s station during a counter, staring during me.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: Was he during all disturbed on a expostulate over that shopping rope, tape, and wire ties from a intent of his adore competence backfire? That he competence make a bad sense by entrance opposite as, oh, a sequence killer?

3. Ana’s dipsomaniac call.

Holy crap, did we only call Christian Grey? Shit. My phone rings and it creates me jump. we yap in surprise.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: This is a initial genuine ambience of only how stalker-y Christian can be (he eventually marks her plcae by her dungeon phone). Is he wakeful he’s being some-more possessive stranger than concerned crush?

4. When Christian initial says, “Laters, baby.”

“Laters, baby,” he murmurs, and we have to giggle since it’s so distinct him. But even yet we know he’s being irreverent, a fondness tugs during something low inside me.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: Did he feel as absurd observant it as he should? The law shall set him free.

5. The Walk to a Red Room of Pain.

“Does this meant you’re going to make adore to me tonight, Christian?” Holy shit. Did we only contend that? His mouth drops open slightly, though he recovers quickly. “No, Anastasia, it doesn’t. First, we don’t make love. we fuck … hard. Second, there’s a lot some-more paperwork to do. And third, we don’t know what you’re in for. You could still run for a hills. Come, we wish to uncover we my playroom.”

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: Because what a fuck is going by a person’s mind when he says, “I don’t make love. we fuck … hard”? The universe needs to know.

6. When Christian’s mom shows adult to his residence unexpectedly, as he’s pleasuring Ana.

Christian blinks rapidly, staring down during me, wide-eyed with humored horror. “Shit! It’s my mother.”

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: This is only a good event for comic service — not to discuss a possibility for E.L. James to give readers some-more discernment into Christian’s attribute with his adoptive and moment prostitute mothers.

7. When Christian buys Ana a new car.

He bought me a darned car, mint by a looks of it. Jeez … I’ve had adequate difficulty with a books. we glance during it blankly, perplexing desperately to establish how we feel about this. we am confounded on one level, beholden on another, repelled that he’s indeed finished it, though a major tension is anger.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: We never indeed get to see him shopping for a car. Did a peddler try to sell him something other than a red Audi A3 and he was all, “No, I’ll take a ‘safest automobile on a market,’ appreciate we really much.”

8. When he surprises her while she’s visiting her mother.

“What are we doing here? My doubt sounds some-more crisp than we mean, and his grin disappears, his countenance now guarded.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: It’d be good to hear Christian’s middle enchantress (inner god?) removing a feeling harm for a change.

9. The tampon scene.

He reaches between my legs and pulls on a blue fibre — what?! — and kindly takes my tampon out and tosses it into a circuitously toilet.

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: If we don’t have a blazing enterprise to know what was going by Christian’s mind as he pulled a bloody tampon out of Ana’s vagina, afterwards because are we even reading this? You’re acquire to review Proust.

10. When Christian punishes Ana.

“Pleasure and pain, prerogative and punishment” — his difference from so prolonged ago relate by my mind. “I’ll uncover we how bad it can be, and we can make your possess mind up.” He pauses by a door. “Are we prepared for this?”

Why it’s vagrant to be told from Christian’s POV: Many readers hatred Christian by a time this stage plays out, and while it’s puzzled that meaningful his innermost response to defeat Ana would assistance redeem him much, it’d be an inarguably fascinating POV.

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