10 Things We Learned About Relationships from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

May 18, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

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By now, you’ve substantially review Fifty Shades of Grey in book form and watched it on a large shade mixed times. We don’t censure you, it’s a sauciest film of a century. The good news is that it’s now out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD so we can replay your favorite erotic scenes between Christian and Ana over and over again. And to applaud a release, we motionless to accumulate a list of a favorite attribute tips true from a crack itself.

Be a Good Listener 

Listening to your poignant other is a pivotal member to a successful relationship. No one wants to hear you wind on about yourself a whole time, no matter how critical we are. And if your partner happens to be bashful like Ana, ask them engaging questions about themselves to get a review started. 

Buy Meaningful Gifts

Lavish gifts that uncover off dollar signs are officious tacky. While Christian is dirty rich, he still showers Ana with courteous gifts like initial book books by her favorite author and a new laptop given hers was broken. It doesn’t matter how many or how small we spend, only make certain there’s a special reason behind a gift. 

Be Experimental

Keeping things engaging in a attribute is a must. Ana stairs out of her comfort section and explores Christian’s ‘Red Room of Pain,’ that is a outrageous step for her. We’re not suggesting we go all cooperative on your beau, yet doing something new and off a beaten trail will supplement a whole new turn of fad to your adore affair. 

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Put Your Foot Down

If we don’t like something, it’s essential to pronounce up. Ana knows right divided that there were several understanding breakers in Christian’s agreement and she voices her concerns. Christian gladly listens to her points and they make several changes. While we might not be signing a passionate agreement any time soon, a biggest square of recommendation from this unfolding is that it’s OK to contend no if we don’t feel gentle about something. 

Challenge Your Partner

Challenging your partner is super hot. Saying approbation all a time is not. Remember how Ana drives Christian furious during their business assembly during his office? It’s since she decides to travel divided from his passionate fantasy, severe him to wait until a agreement is signed. In other words, don’t always give in. This will make we a lot some-more desirable. 

Don’t Brag

Instead of braggadocio about his drifting skills, Christian opts to uncover Ana instead, swooping her off her feet with a float in his private helicopter (which, of course, leads to a erotic passionate confront during his Seattle home). That’s approach some-more of a turn-on than bragging nonstop. 

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Do a Unexpected 

It’s always good to warn your partner from time to time. From carrying a motorist collect out a voluptuous outfit for Ana when she sleeps over to drifting out to Georgia since he wants to accommodate Ana’s mom, Christian always does a unexpected. It doesn’t have to be super extravagant, only adequate to hit your poignant other off their feet. 

A Simple Sext Can Go a Long Way

The final thing we wish to do is content him 24/7, generally while he’s during work. But promulgation a voluptuous content during a center of a day is only what a adore alloy systematic and will have him counting down a hours until he gets to see we again. 

Inquiring Minds

First dates and encounters can be super ungainly and nerve-racking. Ana, for instance, is so shaken during her talk with Christian that she starts to ask him tedious questions. As shortly as she gets gentle though, she takes it to a whole new turn and inquires about a things she unequivocally wants to know. This is one of a easiest and many fun ways to get to know one another. 

Flaunt Your Talents

Whether it’s restraining knots with wire or defeat adult a tasty breakfast, display off your talents from time to time can unleash certainty and intrigue all during once. And plus, pancakes in bed is super sexy. Whatever your talent might be, don’t forget to let it shine. 


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