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February 3, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The third film in the Fifty Shades saga — really, this is a tale — comes out Feb. 9, customarily in time for mocking Valentine’s Day plans. Thus, we — an celebration author and self-respecting partner of terrible cinema — have motionless it’s high time to finally watch them, holding on Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker in a weeks before a culmination comes to theaters so that I’ll be prepared when things finally… climax.

If we haven’t review my questions about Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s substantially in your possess best seductiveness to start here.

Fifty Shades Darker, a second film in a epic Fifty Shades trilogy, takes place a few weeks after a events of a final film, where Anastasia motionless to leave Christian when she satisfied he gets off on spiteful her. Now that she’s a college graduate, she has a pursuit as an partner during a edition house. That’s where we begin. These cinema are a unequivocally tedious story of a lady removing a pursuit and next improbably in her career, and enjoying a consensual attribute with a male she met and goes on dates with. There’s a subplot where a sceptical ex who’s still in adore with Christian stalks Anastasia, and where Anastasia’s trainer is indeed a passionate badgering violent though no one gets hurt, and both of those issues are flattering simply resolved by Christian being abounding and powerful. Also, Christian gets in a helicopter pile-up though he survives.

Still, customarily since cinema are tedious doesn’t meant we don’t have questions about them. Questions like:

How would her trainer ever know what arrange of tea she drinks with that specificity?

When Ana shows adult for her initial day of work as a partner to Jack Hyde, Jack arrives a few mins after her, bringing tea. “Tea, right?” he says as he drops off a cup. “Weak, black?” Ana interjection him — he got her sequence right. It is good for a trainer to move a new worker a prohibited libation on their initial day of work. It is violent to me that Jack somehow knows not customarily that she drinks tea, though accurately how she takes it.

In what amicable business would that information ever be revealed? we have interviewed for several jobs, and not once has a actual chairman I’m interviewing with asked about my libation preferences. It is probable she came in to talk for a pursuit and she was offering tea, that she accepted, though it is roughly a pledge in a vital edition residence that a chairman who would have asked her that would have been a receptionist. And since would she discuss that she wants her tea weak?

Imagine being 22 and going to a pursuit talk for a position we unequivocally want. Someone asks we if we wish a crater of coffee or tea. Instead of kindly declining, we contend yes, and afterwards supplement specifications.

How does Jack know how she takes her tea?! Maybe he was stalking her on amicable media, and maybe Ana has a uncanny thing on Instagram where she describes a strength of a tea she posts (she does seem like a form of lady who would post cinema of her tea), though afterwards a fact that Jack regurgitates that information behind during her should have been a major, and early, red flag.

Ana doesn’t even ask him how he knows how she likes her tea. She customarily floats by life, presumption each comparison abounding male she ever meets knows all about her in box they wish to move her giveaway things. 

Wow, they kept Danny Elfman?

A genuine doubt we asked out shrill to myself as a opening credits appeared! Yes, Danny Elfman does a measure for the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.

Why would Anastasia’s roommate send her a video message?

Ana’s roommate is on vacation with Christian’s brother, whom she’s dating, and she sent Ana a video summary customarily to contend hi (and to yield some useful carnival for a assembly as to who she is and what her purpose is in this film).

Never in my whole life have we ever emailed a video summary to a crony customarily to contend hi while I’m on vacation or something. This film came out in 2014: maybe Ana’s roommate would have sent her a Snapchat video. It is surreal to me to suppose that Kate would think, “How best to get in hold with my best friend?” and answered to herself, “I know, a one-way video message!” If she gets internet entrance to send a video, she has a ability to Skype or FaceTime. Or text!

And how does Kate not know that Ana and Christian pennyless up? From what we’ve seen, Kate is her customarily friend. She is tighten adequate with Kate to lick her on a head, and share sandwiches. She didn’t tell her that a customarily vital attribute in her life ended? Kate’s miss of trust is generally uncanny given she’s dating Christian’s brother. Did Christian not tell his family they pennyless adult either? We know that isn’t loyal since after in a movie, his mom tells Ana how mislaid Christian was though her. So since is this chairman so penetrating to get in hold that she’ll send video messages though not know simple information about her best friend’s life?

Why does Christian continue to let Anastasia associate with José?

Christian has literally dual celebrity traits: he’s into BDSM, and he’s impossibly protective. In a final movie, Anastasia got dipsomaniac during a bar, and her crony José uncomfortably attempted to vigour her into kissing him. He was so assertive that Christian had to physically force him divided from her.

Yet in this movie, Christian does not contend a word about Anastasia’s continued faithfulness with him! Christian shows adult to José’s gallery opening since he (correctly) insincere he’d see Ana there, and not customarily does he not discuss her friend’s attempted passionate assault, though he buys 6 of his photographs. He is financing his art career! It’s also value mentioning that José’s “art” is customarily photographs of Ana that could be general headshots, though common art isn’t a crime like passionate attack is.

What does Ana consider a S in SM stands for?

In box we forgot, here is what happened during a finish of a prior film: Ana asked Christian to uncover her “how far” a BDSM thing can go. He pronounced he was going to pat her 6 times. He spanked her 6 times. She never pronounced possibly of her protected words, and afterwards got mad that he was incited on. She pennyless adult with him.

Breaking adult with someone since your passionate interests don’t align is valid, though it’s a small bizarre to me that Anastasia views removing incited on by inflicting pain as a vital psychological defect. Sadism is literally what a S in SM stands for. Does Rihanna not exist in this universe? It is a sincerely common passionate fetish. “You were removing off on a pain we inflicted! That’s still in you,” Ana says, since apparently she had insincere Christian’s whole sex cave was for not sexually arousing him. And rather than explain a simple grounds of BDSM or determine that maybe they are too conflicting to have a jointly gratifying relationship, Christian apologizes! “I’m operative on it!” he says.

Later in a movie, Christian treats being a sadist like it’s this big, terrible revelation: “I’m not a dominant. I’m a sadist,” he says, conduct hung. That’s not… a worse thing in a consensual passionate context. This is a film in that a assembly is ostensible to get incited on by BDSM, that also posits that removing incited on by BDSM is outrageous and terrible.

Christian buys her ANOTHER computer?

Didn’t he customarily get her a new mechanism in a final movie? How many computers does a 22 year aged need? What is she doing with these computers to go by them so fast? Does she have to float a record flume to get to work each day?

I suspicion Anastasia’s favorite author was Hardy?

The initial time she meets Christian Grey, he asks her either it was Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, or Thomas Hardy who done her initial tumble in adore with literature, and she answers Hardy, that surprises Christian since he would have pegged her for a Jane Austen girl. Sure. And yet, in this movie, while they’re in bed together, Christian asks since she waited so prolonged to remove her decency and Ana answers, “I was reading Austen and Bronte and nobody ever totalled adult to that.” Okay, though those were literally a dual authors we pronounced didn’t make we tumble in adore with English novel in a final movie. Did a chairman essay this film not see a final one? My theory is they did watch a final one though with something else going on in a credentials so they were a small dreaming during that stage and customarily held a gist.

Wasn’t Ana extraordinary during creation breakfast?

In a final movie, after sleeping with Christian, she wakes adult in his unit and cooks an elaborate breakfast in his kitchen. This movie, they’re during her place and she says, “There’s not most for breakfast, unless we wish cold stir-fry.”

What is Ana’s personality?! Is she someone who’s good during cooking, who would simply whip together pancakes and eggs in a bizarre kitchen, or is she a disorderly millennial who doesn’t batch her kitchen and would offer cold stir-fry? It’s not that not carrying breakfast food in your kitchen is bad or wrong, it’s that it doesn’t seem unchanging with a form of chairman Ana is ostensible to be. It’s roughly like she’s not a chairman during all, customarily a floating, girl-sized blob who does and says whatever general or humorous thing is easy to fit into a book during that unequivocally moment.

Okay, how exactly is Anastasia conflicting from a other girls?

Ana learns Christian has a private questioner record on her (creepy) and he’s had a array of submissives who demeanour customarily like her. “You’re conflicting from a other girls!” Christian proclaims.

Okay. How, exactly, is Ana conflicting from a other girls? She is a 22-year-old English vital who works as an assistant. She’s pretty, and seems intelligent enough, though she’s not extraordinary at anything. She and Christian went on a grand sum of about 3 dates and they seemed to have gotten along, though zero was amazing or boundary-pushing — accurately a opposite. She indispensable him to go super easy on her and didn’t wish to rivet as a submissive. Is that since she’s different? Because she’s not meddlesome in BDSM?

The film wants us to trust that, no, she’s conflicting since he’s in love with her, and her not being meddlesome in BDSM is something he’s peaceful to courteously overcome since he loves her so much. And yet, it seems to me a customarily genuine disproportion between Ana and anyone else Christian has had a attribute with is that she’s reduction agreeable. Is that what he’s wanted in a partner this whole time? Someone who’s means to say, “Actually, I’m a small worried with all of this.”

This is not a basement of a healthy relationship.

Anastasia should unequivocally wear her underwear above her garter belt.

This is a comment, not a question, though it still stands.

As partial of a wish-fulfillment princess makeover excavation that is carrying a abounding boyfriend, Christian buys Anastasia some good slip to wear underneath a imagination dress he bought her. That slip includes stockings and a garter belt, that Anastasia puts on — over her underwear. we know that during initial glow it competence seem like that’s a sequence that creates sense, and it could be, if you’re being photographed or something, though if you’re indeed wearing lingerie, we wish to keep your underwear on tip so we can go to a bathroom. Now, if Ana needs to go to a bathroom, she will need to loosen a clasps on her stockings to lift down her underwear, that is a outrageous hassle. Again, not a question, customarily a comment.

How did a lipstick not get all over Christian’s shirt?

Part of Christian being Complicated and Damaged is that he won’t let anyone hold his body. He has Ana pull a large block on his torso in red lipstick — an area where she’s not authorised to hold — and afterwards he puts on a white shirt to go to a large celebration party. Later that night, after they leave a party, Ana and Christian showering together and she wipes off a lipstick square.

How did it not blemish on his shirt? How was a shirt not stained red? How did a lipstick not drain by a fabric? What? What? What? we do not understand.

Why doesn’t Anastasia discuss to Christian that a outing to New York is for a Book Expo?

Christian is determining and jealous, and so when Anastasia mentions that her new trainer asked her to accompany him to New York, Christian says she isn’t authorised to go. First of all, bad: that’s her job, and work trips are a thing that exist in jobs. Even if Christian listened rumors about Ana’s new boss, they would unequivocally be staying in apart bedrooms in New York, since Ana, as Jack’s assistant, would book a rooms. Besides, Ana and Jack already work together in Seattle each singular day.

Ana tells Christian she needs to go to New York, though she doesn’t discuss that it’s for a Book Expo, that is a genuine thing that exists and is critical in a edition world, an eventuality that Ana, as an determined editor, would no doubt be meddlesome in attending. Christian creates it sound like Jack invited her for a sightseeing trip. “Wouldn’t we rather see New York with me?” Christian demands. And it’s like, sure, though there is this eventuality she has to attend for her job. Eventually, Ana does give in and tells Jack she can’t go since it’s too brief notice, though it seems unequivocally uncanny it wasn’t some-more critical to her.

Isn’t it creepy that Christian named his vessel after his mom?

The vessel is named The Grace. His adoptive mom is named Grace. We know he has uncanny mom issues around his birth mother, though this is uncanny too, yes?

In what star do editor’s meetings work that way?

Jack gets dismissed for passionate harassment, and for some reason, Ana gets sent to a editor’s assembly in his place. Here is how Fifty Shades thinks book editor’s meetings work: all of a editors determine that they will customarily tell large name authors who make a lot of money. Anastasia Steele, a squalid assistant, in a impulse of 12 Angry Men-esque dignified courage, says, “What if we instead…. took a chance? What if we published this book we favourite from an author who has a unequivocally determined height online?” She is a Genius and everybody loves her.

Publishing companies do not work that way. Publishing companies have weekly merger meetings where editors can move in presentations about manuscripts they wish to acquire. The room understands that some books are riskier than others, and everybody discusses either they should make an offer.

First of all, an partner would not have a energy to acquire a edition customarily since she is sitting in on a assembly in place of her ashamed trainer especially without an tangible display that she put together. And “publishing new voices” is not a shining or judicious idea: that’s a unequivocally indication of edition houses. They tell some certain things and some riskier new books to have a different portfolio. And this is an eccentric edition house! “SIP”! The “I” stands for Independent. What eccentric edition residence doesn’t take on new authors?


Forgive me for shouting, it’s customarily we am furious. Anastasia has been operative during this association for about a year or less. We know this since she graduated college, presumably in May or June, and afterwards spent some weeks pining after Christian before starting a new job, maybe summer or early fall. She worked for Jack Hyde until a following spring, that we know since a Book Expo is customarily around May. We definitely know she didn’t work for him for over a year since he’s left before Christian’s birthday in June.

In what star would a new worker who customarily graduated from college and who spent reduction than a year operative as an partner be promoted to executive editor since her trainer gets fired? Jobs don’t send faithfulness like a goddamn Elder Wand. 

Does this association have no junior or associate editors? Or no one they wish to sinecure from an outward company? Maybe someone with any editorial experience? And this association has people who have worked there longer than Anastasia: Hannah, a black girl who works during a circuitously desk. “Am we approaching to call we Ms. Steele?” Hannah kindly asks a lady who customarily weeks before had been her subordinate.

This is personally a film about racism. Literally suppose this unfolding from Hannah’s viewpoint for one second. You’ve been operative during this pursuit for a while. They sinecure this new pointless white lady whose abounding beloved buys a company. She works there for 8 months, her trainer is dismissed for passionate harassment, and she becomes a executive editor. I would sue everybody in a building. we would sue a building itself.

What information did Jack Hyde get from holding a design of a imitation of Christian’s family?

So, Jack Hyde, Ana’s former boss, is sceptical and indignant during Christian for dating a lady he had a vanquish on and afterwards for removing him fired. He (presumably) snuck into Christian’s parent’s masked celebration during their home — or he was invited, it doesn’t matter — and he takes a creepy shot on his cellphone of one of a family photographs on a wall.

Sure, it’s creepy, though since did he do that? Why did he need a sketch of a Grey family? They’re fundamentally open total — they’re unequivocally famous and successful. Christian has dual distinguished adoptive parents, and dual socialite siblings. This is all information that someone could find unequivocally simply online. we get that in a context of this film it communicates that he’s creepy, though seriously, logistically, what purpose does carrying electronic entrance to that family imitation serve?

Maybe it depicts their home or one of their properties in a credentials and he wants to be means to find it, we competence think. we suspicion that too. Nope, no residence is manifest in a background. And again, these are impossibly wealthy, distinguished people and it’s substantially flattering easy to learn about that properties they possess anyway.

At a finish of a film, it becomes even some-more inexplicable: Jack has a printed out duplicate of a sketch that he stares at, and afterwards browns a hole by Christian’s face regulating a cigarette. Did he imitation out that design customarily so he could do that? Are we unequivocally revelation me this adult male took a design on his phone, emailed it to himself, downloaded a attachment, and printed a imitation on his home printer customarily for a solitary purpose of dramatically looking down during it and blazing a cigarette by it? What a rubbish of toner for sparse dramatics!

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