19 More Things Christian Grey Really Hates

December 17, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey is a master of a star — CEO of a large association during 28, owners of mixed homes and cars, billionaire, beloved of a lady who loves him notwithstanding a fact that he’s kind of upsetting — nonetheless via a Fifty Shades books told from his indicate of view, he constantly rails opposite a things that piss him off. And there are a lot! In Grey, he complained about everything from golf to Detroit to hospitals, and in E.L. James’s latest book, Darker, he’s behind during it again. This time, he’s had it adult to here with a paparazzi, waiters, children, and usually about anything else we can consider of. Below, a list of 19 things Christian usually can’t stand.

1. Taylor’s composure. “Taylor sits in a driver’s seat, staring true ahead, wordless, looking his common stoical self, while we can hardly breathe. It’s irritating.” This is indeed a many descent line in a whole book since Taylor is a saint among men and Christian should provide him as such.

2. Warm, over-oaked Chardonnay. “I take a discerning sip from mine. Christ, it’s disgusting, a comfortable over-oaked chardonnay.” Guess it can’t all be Sancerre.

3. The paparazzi. “Damned paparazzi. we wish to tell him to fuck off yet confirm to be polite. we don’t wish Sam, my broadside guy, traffic with a press complaint.”

4. Polite wait staff. “I enter an pornographic tip and pointer my name with a flourish. The waiter seems excessively grateful. And it’s still irritating.” You usually can’t greatfully this guy.

5. Slow wait staff. “The vitriolic cut takes too most time opening a bottle. Jesus. Is he perplexing to perform us?”

6. Red lipstick. “Back in my outdoor office, Andrea’s deputy is requesting nonetheless some-more lipstick to her carmine mouth. we don’t like it.”

7. Condoms. “And how can we be with someone who forgets to take their darned pill? we hatred condoms.”

8. Children. “There’s a lady in front of us, perplexing to contend dual tiny children, one of whom is fussy incessantly. Jesus. How do people do this?” When they’re as abounding you, Christian, they do it with nannies.

9. Assistants that say a correct clarity of professionalism with their boss. “I hang up, aggravated that I’ve uneasy her on her marriage day and some-more aggravated that she didn’t tell me she was removing married.”

10. Condoms, again. “Ana. Please. I. Hate. Them.”

11. Guns. “I disgust guns.”

12. Still condoms. “She can be as angry as she likes, yet she stopped holding her pills. And she knows we hatred condoms.”

13. Arguing with Ana. “I hatred arguing with her.”

14. People who do a socially excusable thing and sojourn wordless in elevators. “There’s that irritating, trusting hush within a conveyor as my staff enter and exit, since I’m in there.”

15. Women. “The women in my life are vexing.”

16. Birthdays. “I hatred birthdays. Well, my birthday.” Don’t lie, dude, we hatred everyone’s birthday.

17. Being in a newcomer seat. “I don’t like being driven during all, solely by Taylor.” And nonetheless he also finds Taylor’s patience irritating. Dr. Flynn’s unequivocally got his work cut out for him.

18. The word “chopper.” “For fuck’s sake, Elliot. we hatred a word ‘chopper.'”

19. Condoms, one final time. “I repel my palm and strech over for a foil packet. And even yet we hatred these things, it takes usually a second to put on.” For those of we personification along during home, that’s a full 4 times that Christian rails opposite condoms in one book. Good thing he has a alloy on call to give his partners birth control shots!

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