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April 10, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

With a recover of a film Fifty Shades of Grey, Hollywood seems to be romanticizing violent and diseased relationships. But during a finish of a day, what we see are dual people struggling with their possess insecurities and a lady who is perplexing to “save” a male she loves.

Many women—and men, in some cases—who enter into a attribute with an addict find themselves depressed, isolated, and full of self-doubt.

For both fans of a film and zealous protesters, there are indeed a lot of lessons that Fifty Shades of Grey can learn us about building healthy relationships. In looking during where Ana and Christian’s attribute failed, we can find ideas for alleviation in a possess relationships.

Here are 5 attribute tips to take divided from a series:

1. Set boundaries

This is an useful ability that many of us possibly haven’t schooled or don’t use. Boundaries are vicious for building a healthy attribute and bargain a limits. To set your possess boundaries, take some time to write down what creates we worried or stressed in a relationship, along with compromises we are peaceful to tolerate. As we write your list, cruise your physical, emotional, mental and devout needs. Encourage your associate to emanate a identical list and share with one another.

2. Prioritize open communication

Too many relations strike roadblocks since couples forget to keep a communication lines open. Between working, holding caring of a kids, housework, and all else, anticipating time to unequivocally speak with your associate is mostly put on a behind burner.

Set aside time any week, if not any day, to have suggestive conversations with your spouse. Discuss your daily lives, make decisions, and reconnect. It’s critical to remember that good communication is a two-way street—it requires both vocalization plainly and listening actively. As we urge your communication skills, we will find it easier to open adult and be exposed with one another.

3. Recognize red flags

This goes behind to environment personal boundaries. When we know yourself and know your limits, we turn some-more wakeful of attribute red flags. Not all red flags are a pointer to finish a relationship, though they are critical to be wakeful of as they mostly means a attribute to turn unhealthy.

Some pivotal red flags to keep in mind: miss of communication, miss of support from friends and family, control issues, jealousy, a dim or sly past, and many importantly violent behavior—physical, sexual, or emotional. This final one is a outrageous pointer that’s it’s time to reevaluate your attribute and find support.

4. Have a support system

A support complement can be a good apparatus for anyone in a relationship, regardless of if a attribute is healthy or unhealthy. Whether it’s a family member, a good friend, or a some-more determined group, a right support complement will concede we to bond with others and countenance your feelings. These groups are a good approach to get unsentimental advice, urge your coping skills, and retrieve your self-confidence. There are several ways to find a support group—many eremite groups and village centers offer giveaway groups that are open to anyone.

5. Know yourself

This indicate is generally important—and mostly overlooked—for women. In a enlightenment where women are used to putting everybody else first, anticipating time to know who we are is not always on a to-do list. However, self-knowledge can assistance we know who we are, what we mount for, areas for self-improvement, and when to let go. Get to know yourself by journaling, meditation, and holding time for yourself.Relationships can be complicated. Having a plain bargain of who we are and what we mount for can assistance we build a stronger attribute and turn a stronger person.

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