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June 18, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

(Vintage Books)

(Vintage Books)

Get your red bedrooms of pain prepared guys, given Christian Grey is back. A new book in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy hits bookstores and your Kindles during midnight on Thursday. We got an modernized hide look at Grey, that tells the Fifty Shades story from Christian’s viewpoint (the strange books are told from Anastasia’s first-person indicate of view), and it’s crowded of new information about a puzzling billionaire. Here are 5 pivotal things we schooled about him (mild spoilers follow, though we didn’t give divided anything too big).

1. Christian did a credentials check on Ana

Christian was so intrigued by Ana during their initial assembly that a initial thing he does (legitimately right after they contend goodbye) is call for a credentials check on her. So when he shows adult during that hardware store where she works, he’s 100% there to see her (we all insincere this, though it’s good to have confirmation). And when he asked for wire ties? Yup, that was unequivocally deliberate.

2. Christian still has nightmares about his childhood

While many of a book retreads scenes with Ana that we’ve already seen from her perspective, we do get a glance into Christian’s subconscious, and it’s as dim a place as we competence expect. Christian is still worried from his violent childhood, and a book shows us his nightmares as told by a eyes of that immature abused boy. It’s flattering heartbreaking.

3. Christian didn’t buy Ana that duplicate of Tess of a d’Ubervilles — he already owned it

It seems Christian and Ana common a adore of Thomas Hardy. While Ana thinks he spent an impracticable volume of income on a initial book of a classical novel for her, she’s not utterly right. He substantially did spend a lot of income on it, though not for her specifically. He chose a book from his possess library as an reparation present after he didn’t lick her outward a coffee shop. But don’t worry, it’s not most of a sacrifice, given he has his partner lane down a deputy copy.

4. Christian indeed works!

He had to get that happening of his somehow or another, and now we have explanation that there was tangible work involved! In Grey Christian indeed conducts affairs of business, and works unequivocally tough to get a food conveyance to Darfur, a passion of his we knew about from a strange books.

5. Christian unequivocally hates Kate

We could kind of tell that from their interactions in a strange trilogy, though removing inside his conduct and saying some of their one-on-one interactions, it’s transparent that he is no fan of Ana’s roommate. Christian hates her. Like really, unequivocally hates her (there’s a lot of impiety involved). It’s a unequivocally good thing Miss Kavanaugh sent Ana in her place for that initial interview.


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