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October 18, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Two photos that presupposition a iconic initial meetings between Anastasia and Christian were expelled on a “Fifty Shades of Grey” central Facebook page and a rather general cinema surprisingly leave we wanting more.

Bit by concerned bit, a creators of a expected film continue to recover stills from “50 Shades,” solemnly torturing fans of a books as most as a lead impression of Christian enjoyed teasing Anastasia Steele.

The initial print reveals a doorway with a series 20 on it, presumably Christian’s doorway to a apartment of offices of Grey Enterprises.

The second is of a woman’s coupler with a name badge on it from Clayton’s Hardware, where Anastasia was operative when Christian came to see her for a second time.

After Anastasia fills in for her crony Kate during an talk with immature and large businessman Christian Grey, a immature businessman falls for a ungainly college graduate.

He pursues Ana and marks her whereabouts, finally locating her during her place of business. Anastasia worked during Clayton’s Hardware via college and Christian visited on a grounds of purchasing hardware supplies. What he unequivocally wanted was to see a immature lady he was apropos besotted with.

The highly-anticipated film stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Fans have been outspoken in their love for a characters and their insistence a film upsurge accurately a approach a NSFW book does.

In an talk on a “Today” show, Dornan and Johnson suggested several sum about depicting some of a hottest tools of a books.

“The existence of it is that there’s a rugged male we don’t know really good 3 feet from your face, that isn’t how we customarily have sex, [not] me anyway,” suggested Dornan.

Revealed a passionless Johnson, “I do, a lot.”

She afterwards went on to say, “It’s some-more about visually what the bodies demeanour like and what we’re doing,” she clarified, “so it’s some-more of like a dance. It’s like acrobatics.”

Fifty Shades of Grey” is in theaters Feb. 13, 2015.

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