50 Shades of Grey satire Twitter feed perform supporters with ‘nerd jokes’

April 30, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Twitter criticism has double a supporters of Fifty Sheds Of Grey
  • It is manned by an unclear Milton Keynes native
  • The jokes underline Harry Potter, Star Wars and mathematics
  • It has been hailed as ‘the daddy’ of all Fifty Shades parodies 

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There has rarely, if ever, been a some-more parodied authorization than EL James’ bestselling ‘mummy porn’ Fifty Shades Of Grey.

But a funniest take on a novel’s SM themes has got to be Twitter criticism 50 Nerds of Grey that now has some-more than 240,000 followers.

The microblogger regales us with tales of passionate amour in a context of well-worn geekiness such as his adore of Harry Potter, Star wars, scholarship and mathematics.

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Dakota Johnson stars as Anastasia Steele to Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey in a film instrumentation of EL James’ multimillion bruise edition franchise

There have been many Fifty Shades parodies from Twitter criticism Fifty Sheds of Grey (which has some-more than 100,000 supporters and was incited into a coffee list book) to internet memes like Fifty Shades of O.J and Fifty Shades of Castaway.

But 50 Nerds of Grey is being hailed as ‘the daddy’ of Fifty Shades of Grey parodies – and Twitter users are joking that it is improved combined than EL James’ books.

One of a many retweeted posts reads: ‘”So,” he asked, divulgence a make timber between his legs, “Are we prepared to play?” “Play what?” she asked, nervously.”Quidditch!” he said.’

While another quips: ‘She squirmed excitedly as he leaned over and whispered gently in her ear, “Asdfg . . hjkl . . uiop.” She desired it when he talked Qwerty.’

Another instance reads: ‘Making her solve formidable equations unequivocally incited him on . . .He was a sadomathochist.’

The criticism uses a headshot of Maurice Moss (played by Richard Ayoade) from Channel 4 show, The IT Crowd

The criticism uses a headshot of Maurice Moss (played by Richard Ayoade) from Channel 4 show, The IT Crowd

EL James’ 3 novels, a initial of that was incited into a film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, underline a tortured billionaire with a illusion for SM and his tyro lover. 

The novels, combined from Anastasia Steele’s perspective, were followed adult by a book covering a same belligerent from masculine billionaire protagonist Christian Grey’s perspective.

The authorization follows a attribute between a intimately widespread Christian, who has a red room of pain in his mansion, and his would-be cooperative Anastasia.

Grey was published in Jun 2015, 5 years after a initial Fifty Shades novel strike bookshelves, and in response to a edition prodigy that has done EL James a worlds’ highest-earning author. 

When 50 Nerds of Grey launched final Sep it seemed a ardour for satire was still clever with a criticism gaining some-more than 35,000 supporters in a initial week.

The criticism is manned by an unknown Milton Keynes local who told FEMAIL final year:

‘My friends suggested we start a chatter criticism to assistance rise my amicable skills,’ he revealed. ‘I contend friends, we meant my mother.’

He continued: ‘I combined a criticism on Saturday. we insincere it was some kind of ornithological [the investigate of birds] forum though we was sadly disappointed.’

Asked either he had review a Fifty Shades of Grey series, that has sole some-more than 125 million copies, he responded: ‘Of course, who hasn’t?

Fifty Shades of Black: a investigate of Dark Matter by Professor Gottfried Willheim. It’s a classic!’

Readers of 50 Nerds of Grey have suggested a Twitter criticism is improved combined than EL James' bestsellers

Readers of 50 Nerds of Grey have suggested a Twitter criticism is improved combined than EL James’ bestsellers

When asked how he’d managed to attract so many supporters as if from nowhere, his response was concise.

‘I can usually assume it’s down to my glorious spelling and refined proceed to punctuation,’ he mused. ‘That or my tender animal sexuality.’

Fifty Shades Darker arrives in UK cinemas on 10 Feb 2017. 

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