8 Major Things You Can Expect to See in Fifty Shades Darker

August 25, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s been some-more than a year given Fifty Shades of Grey strike theaters, withdrawal a large hole in a lives since we didn’t get to see Christian Grey follow after Anastasia Steele after she shouted “No!” before those conveyor doors closed. And with reduction than a year until a franchise’s second installment, Fifty Shades Darker, comes out, that gratifying feeling of seeing Jamie Dornan on a large screen again is removing closer by a day. While a initial film only scratched a aspect of a formidable emotions behind Christian’s pleasing eyes (and determining behavior), Darker will give new definition to a phrase, “What a tangible f*ck.” We’ve already seen a handful of steamy set photos, though only in box we need some-more to prove your “non-vanilla” longing until then, here are 8 vital things that we design to see in Darker subsequent February.

1. Ana and Christian’s lives tumble detached though any other. While a finish of Fifty Shades of Grey left fans (who didn’t review a books) with a small bit of wish that Christian competence stop a conveyor and make things right again, that’s not during all what happens. Ana and Christian don’t pronounce for days after she leaves, that causes both of their lives to somewhat unravel. Ana starts her new pursuit as a personal partner to Jack Hyde, a big-time book publisher, though her grief causes her to stop eating, remove weight, and not scrupulously duty in bland life.

2. They afterwards get behind together. After Ana and Christian both attend a print gallery vaunt for her crony José (the one that has a large vanquish on her), they lick in an alleyway and collect adult right where they left off.

3. Christian screws with Ana’s career. Throughout their romance, Ana insists that she wants to make her possess approach in a edition word though relying on Christian or his money. So when he buys a association that she now works for since he doesn’t trust Jack (he also freezes a company’s accounts so Ana and Jack can’t go on a business outing together), Ana is furious.

4. Christian’s instincts about Jack spin out to be mark on. It becomes unequivocally transparent unequivocally fast that Jack is an inapt and dangerous boss. In further to invariably seeking Ana out for after-work drinks and creation her disturbed by invading her personal space, he also ends adult cornering her in their bureau one night to try and extort her. He presents her with her personal emails with Christian that she sent on her work mechanism and threatens to display her if she doesn’t give him passionate favors. He afterwards assaults her before she manages to escape. Christian has him dismissed and confiscates his work computer.

5. We finally accommodate “Mrs. Robinson.” Elena Lincoln, who will be played by Kim Basinger, comes face to face with Ana when they all attend a cover-up round during a Grey’s residence together. When Elena finally realizes that Christian is in adore with Ana and doesn’t see her as only a submissive, she becomes brief with Ana and tries to harm their intrigue out of jealousy.

6. A dangerous stalker is thrown into a mix. While Jack presents his possess problems for Ana, it’s one of Christian’s former submissives, Leila Williams (played by Bella Heathcote), that unequivocally takes things adult a nick in Darker. After Leila’s beloved dies in a automobile crash, she has a mental relapse and becomes spooky with Ana and her former attribute with Christian. She starts to petiole Ana and eventually breaks into her unit and threatens her during gunpoint. Christian shows adult and talks her down, though a whole conditions has Ana disturbed that Christian won’t be confident with their “vanilla” relationship.

7. Christian proposes to Ana. When Christian fears Ana might be withdrawal him again, he fast proposes to her. She says she needs time to consider about it and he leaves on a business outing in his helicopter, Charlie Tango. The helicopter afterwards disappears from radar and Christian is blank for several hours, though when he earnings to his unit safely, he tells his family that both a helicopter’s engines unsuccessful and he thinks someone was perplexing to kill him. Because Ana suspicion he had died, she realizes she wants to be with him perpetually and accepts his proposal.

8. Jack Hyde is not done. After Ana accepts Christian’s proposal, his family throws him a celebration for his 28th birthday during their home. Jack, however, is examination a whole thing from outside, and in further to divulgence he sabotaged a helicopter, he also swears punish on Christian since they are connected in some-more ways than one.

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