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June 11, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey’s birthday is subsequent week, and E.L. James had designed a ideal birthday benefaction for him — another violently misogynistic book in a Fifty Shades of Grey series, but this time told from his perspective! A truly courteous gift.

Everything was going according to devise — a suppositious cake was ordered, a hypothetical printers were being mentally accursed out for incidentally promulgation an e-vite to Christian’s mom (aka “the moment whore,” as she is referred to exclusively), and a toast to a fictitious birthday boy’s super erotic romantic abuse bravery had been faux-penned.

Until a duplicate of a raison d’être was stolen by a antagonistic rapist designer who we am now envisioning as possibly Melissa McCarthy channeling Last Crusade-era Sean Connery or Sean Connery channeling The Bling Ring-era Emma Watson.

bling ring

The confidence around a book, readers will be uneasy to discover, was indeed almost reduction than that for a Declaration of Independence, that is kept underneath bulletproof potion and consistent watch, or even a lesser-known Act to Establish Yellowstone National Park, that is kept in a record cabinet. In fact, it seems that there was unequivocally no confidence during all, and Christian’s birthday present was swiped out of a publicly permitted building from that Random House conducts business.

O, a yarn reaming out that was given to a guilty unmanned list for not emitting lasers or triggering a redeem of hulk boulders!

Kent military are investigating, of course, and wish to both find a burglar and redeem a blank duplicate before excerpts are sole to a media or expelled online, though it’s not transparent to me because they aren’t dire charges on a list for disaster to strengthen a precious informative artifact.

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