A Critic Who Worships Literature, and Defends His Faith Accordingly

August 16, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

In Defense of Literary Daring
By William Giraldi
462 pp. Liveright. $30.

If literature, as William Giraldi writes in “American Audacity,” is “the one sacrament value having,” afterwards Giraldi is a many devoted revivalist preacher, his sermons galvanized by a dignified exhortative energy, a poise of a dedicated texts and — singular in contemporary literary critique — an unrestrained for moralizing in invulnerability of high standards. “Do we unequivocally design Americans to lay down with ‘Adam Bede’ or ‘Clarissa’ after all a veteran and domestic hurly-burly of their day?” he asks in an letter bemoaning “Fifty Shades of Grey.” “Pardon me, yet yes, we do.” The usually hypocrisy there is a ask for pardon: Giraldi is defiantly, expensively unforgiving.

“American Audacity” is a singular instance of a collection that coheres into a manifesto. Its essays were published during a final 7 years, many in The New Republic and The Daily Beast, on topics as several as a art of hatred mail, Herman Melville’s life and a Boston Marathon bombing (Giraldi, a author of dual novels and a memoir, teaches during Boston University and is novella editor of a literary biography AGNI). But any square possesses a same dignified urgency, that is to contend that any advances a same vicious argument. A idea to Giraldi’s sensibility can be found in a section headings. Literature’s actuarial tables foreordain that a younger censor will tend to review, on balance, some-more elders than youngers. Giraldi is 44, still rosy-cheeked in censor years, yet all of his subjects are comparison than he is, or dead.


His vicious criteria are timeless, that is a point; for a book to exist a initial breath, it contingency contend with all that has come before. This is an undeniable truth, yet it imposes a astringency that would dismay many critics. Thus Giraldi measures “Eat, Pray, Love” opposite a customary of Saint Augustine’s “Confessions,” Denis Johnson opposite Flannery O’Connor and, some-more flatteringly, places a producer Christian Wiman in propinquity to John Donne. He champions writers of resourceful prose, who possess “a knowledge of a self as an representative in story and society,” who perform James Baldwin’s clarification of art: “to prove, and to assistance one bear, a fact that all reserve is an illusion.” Giraldi final these vows of his subjects and of himself.

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