After Grey: The Big Changes You Can Expect For Fifty Shades Darker

December 21, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

So, suppose this scenario. You’re only settling down with a potion of booze and a latest partial of House of Cards when your best crony rings. She’s distraught, as her scattered event with her trainer has incited nasty: he’s damaged into her house, banned her from saying family, and has frequently threatened earthy violence. Do we a) advise her to cut all ties with a male and deliberate a police, or b) assure her that he unequivocally does adore her and all this is only his approach of display affection.

A) is a apparent choice. But as Fifty Shades of Grey taught us, b) is a some-more regretful option. Which is really concerning to contend a least.

Stalking is only how Christian shows his love
Stalking is only how Christian shows his love

The Fifty Shades of Grey book was zero if not a articulate indicate with a argumentative ease that hurt everybody from conservatives to liberals, titillating others with a striking sex scenes and erotic erotica. The film’s proclamation was met with a extravagantly churned greeting of fear and delight, yet a jury’s out on either it lived adult to a hype. And now we’re removing some large changes for Fifty Shades Darker, yet will they only make matters worse?

Fifty Shades Of… Comedy?

Humour competence not be a initial thing we consider of when someone mentions Fifty Shades Of Grey, yet there’s no denying that some tools of a book (and movie) are downright hilarious. With descriptors such as “the colour of a comrade manifesto” and a oft used “holy crap!”, EL James’ essay character positively does amuse. And of course, there’s copiousness of humour to be subsequent from thespian readings…

Ellen reads FIfty Shades of Grey

Though this substantially not what Dakota Johnson meant when she pronounced Fifty Shades Darker needs to get a clarity of humour.

When vocalization with a repository Elle, Johnson explained how formidable it is for viewers to describe to Ana. After all, not all of us have corporate billionaires to rush us off in private helicopters (and deliberation what they wish in return, I’m ok with that). Her solution? Make Anastasia funny! And that indeed creates a lot of sense.

Johnson wants to uncover Ana's lighter side
Johnson wants to uncover Ana’s lighter side

The assembly needs to sympathise with Ana, yet crucially, yet a clarity of comedy in a films, a theme matter only gets too heavy. And that’s flattering many accurately what Dakota Johnson meant: that yet a clarity of humour these films are only tough to watch.

“If we can’t giggle during a film like that, you’re fucked. Literally. You need to have something that everybody can describe to.”

But what would be a effect of injecting some humour into Fifty Shades Darker? There’s really a risk that this would trivialise a story, poking fun during an emotionally manipulative and dangerous energy dynamic. Besides, Marlon Wayans is already releasing a comedy chronicle of a film

Hmm. Well. I’ll let we confirm what to consider about that. In any case, with EL James holding a reigns of Fifty Shades Darker, Dakota Johnson might not get many contend in a matter…

EL James Takes Command

It’s formidable to pinpoint what’s a many argumentative partial of a measureless cocktail enlightenment materialisation that is Fifty Shades of Grey, yet author EL James really hasn’t shied divided from formulating scandal. From her common beginnings as a (notorious) fanfic writer, EL James has ridden a celebrity sight hard, and seems dynamic to keep as many control as she can over Fifty Shades Darker.

By now, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s fights with EL James are flattering many common knowledge, yet they didn’t start off as mortal foes. Before a on-set arguments, a dual got on flattering good together…

The ease before a storm...
The ease before a storm…

Ultimately though, a dual finished adult carrying only too many artistic differences, and their dispute could have been a determining cause for Taylor-Johnson when she over a franchise.

“We battled all a approach through. She’d contend a same. There were tough times and revelatory times. There were ring contests. It was really not an easy process.”

So pronounced Taylor-Johnson only before she quiescent as Fifty Shades Darker‘s director. But it’s not only a directing that James had difficulty with: Fifty Shades of Grey saw a few screenwriters depart, as EL James disagreed with both Kelly Marcel and Patrick Marber’s adaptations.

EL James’s father will write Darker.

We can design a large shakeup in a book for Fifty Shades Darker, as EL James is assisting her father Niall Leonard to write a sequel’s screenplay. This substantially means it’ll hang closer to a book, yet there’s no doubt that there have been some large changes on a prolongation side.

So will Dakota Johnson get her wish for some-more comedy in a film? Only time will tell, yet if it deviates from EL James’ vision, it doesn’t see expected we’ll see a lighter side to Grey…

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