Anna Kendrick Is Creeped Out By ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, Here’s Why

November 19, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Actress Anna Kendrick is sounding off on what she thinks about a Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Kendrick, whose brazen attitude has won her fans opposite a Internet, says that she doesn’t get Mr. Christian Grey’s appeal.

Christian Grey, played by indication Jamie Dornan, is the categorical focus of her thoughts on a Fifty Shades adaptation. “The ’50 Shades of Grey’ dude looks only like ‘Love Actually’ kid. we feel reduction incited on and some-more like… we should call child services…”

Funny enough, Kendrick has motionless to pin a twitter she done in 2013 to a tip of her Twitter profile. Perhaps this is an forgive for her comments about Fifty Shades of Grey?

As it is, Fifty Shades of Grey competence have a few problems that are bigger than Kendrick’s antipathy for Jamie Dornan. According to Us Weekly, Fifty Shades had to do reshoots. Usually a film does reshoots to scold teenager scenes in films, though this is a outrageous one. Apparently Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson had “a graphic miss of chemistry between them.” That’s outrageous for a film that’s ostensible to core on a couple’s sizzling sex life.

According to sources, the dual don’t demeanour or feel “passionate” enough. Another source pronounced many of a hiss is on Johnson. “Dakota isn’t entrance off voluptuous enough. [Anastasia Steele] needs to be naive, not a dishrag.” Some are blaming this miss of chemistry on a fact that Johnson went by a mangle adult with her beloved in a center of a shoot.

After these comments were made, Universal, a studio behind a prolongation of a film, came out with a brief matter about a allegations that chemistry was a problem. Universal simply said, “No one should doubt a feverishness or power of a actors.” We’re wondering if that includes Anna Kendrick now, too? Some fans consider it should.

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