Are The Fifty Shades Of Grey Stars Lacking Chemistry?

October 29, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Photo: Courtesy Universal.

They’ve got Bey, they’ve got a toys…but have they got chemistry?

Er, maybe not. The film instrumentation of Fifty Shades of Grey is undergoing reshoots, that is sparking speak that a miss of chemistry between stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson is to blame. Which is a flattering large deal, deliberation that a whole indicate of a film is to watch them get it on.

Sources on a film have told Us Weekly that a scenes between characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele weren’t “passionate” enough. Both Dornan and Johnson were seen reshooting a kissing stage in Vancouver final week.

Though Dornan has skyrocketed to sex pitch standing given his casting, other sources seem reduction assured in Johnson’s casting.

“Dakota isn’t entrance off voluptuous enough,” an insider said. “Ana needs to be naive, not a dishrag.”

A deputy for Universal has squashed claims about a miss of chemistry, saying, “No one should doubt a feverishness or power of a actors.”

At any rate, a film itself doesn’t come out until Feb 13, 2015. Surely that’s adequate time to work out any kinks? (Daily Mail)

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