Arlington lady entitled to about $10.7 million in ‘Fifty Shades’ royalties

September 23, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

An Arlington woman’s seductiveness in a e-publishing business that creatively expelled a erotic general blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey is value about $10.7 million.

Earlier this year, a Tarrant County jury concluded that Jennifer Pedroza of Arlington was cheated out of millions of dollars in royalties by Amanda Hayward of Australia, her partner in an online association that expelled what would after turn a New York Times bestseller.

The jury did not set a dollar amount, though attorneys representing Pedroza and Hayward pronounced during a justice conference Wednesday that debate accountants dynamic that Pedroza’s 25 percent seductiveness in a $41 million warranted by a book was value roughly $10.7 million.

State District Judge Susan McCoy did not endowment that volume to Pedroza in a final visualisation Wednesday. Instead, she postulated a attorneys some-more time to negotiate a specific final sum that would also embody attorneys fees and interest.

“It’s in a ballpark of what we’ve been seeing,” pronounced her Dallas attorney, Michael Farris. Pedroza is now a Fort Worth propagandize teacher.

McCoy validated a preference from progressing this month that she wants during slightest $10 million put into a court-controlled comment — possibly in income or resources — to compensate off a judgment. Hayward’s attorneys wanted that statute set aside, observant their customer doesn’t have a $10 million in cash.

“I’ve still not hermetic a order. I’ve not crystallized what a income should be comprised of,” McCoy said. She pronounced she was endangered about “the miss of accessible funds” and that a biggest item listed in hermetic justice annals was Hayward’s home in Dural, a suburb of Sydney.

McCoy pronounced she wants a income and resources deposited in a justice registry by Sept. 25. Attorneys are approaching to give McCoy a endorsed final visualisation volume within a subsequent few weeks.

Pedroza and Hayward were partners in The Writer’s Coffee Shop, that started out as an online blog in 2009, along with Waxahachie proprietor Jennifer McGuire. Visitors went to a fan-based website and wrote “fan fiction” stories.

McGuire did pattern work for a blog. Pedroza uploaded contributors’ writing, and Hayward worked with a authors. Later, Christina Beebe, another Arlington resident, assimilated and helped with selling and distribution.

By 2010, a Coffee House was behaving as a publisher and a year after it published Fifty Shades of Grey, a intrigue novel by E.L. James, a British author, as an e-book and print-on-demand book. It also published a dual sequels, all of that were eventually bought by Random House.

But Pedroza sued Hayward, observant she conned her out of her legitimate partnership interests and royalties issuing from a extravagantly successful book, that desirous a film by a same name.

Earlier this year, a Tarrant County jury agreed, and a parties have been squabbling over a net value of what that partnership was worth. Eventually accountants hired by Pedroza and Hayward came adult with identical amounts, $10,690,648 and $10,724,667, respectively.

Regardless, David Keltner, one of Hayward’s attorneys, pronounced his customer did not have $10 million in income to put into a justice registry. Farris has regularly voiced concerns that so most of a strange $41 million appears to have been spent “for her possess personal benefit.”

Farris pronounced there “have been allotment discussions,” though would not elaborate. Keltner pronounced that they have “fundamental differences on what a law is” and, exclusive any settlement, would demeanour during those issues on appeal.

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