Arlington lady wins $11.5 million in Fifty Shades of Grey lawsuit

January 30, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Five years after Fifty Shades of Grey became an ubiquitous bestseller, Jennifer Pedroza of Arlington is removing closer to cashing in on a amorous novel’s success with an $11.5 million payday.

Saying it was time to “put a box to bed,” Tarrant County District Judge Susan McCoy hermetic an sequence Thursday awarding Pedroza $10,634.587 in royalties. A jury pronounced final year that Pedroza was cheated out of her apportionment of a gain by Amanda Hayward of Australia, a partner in a business that creatively published a book.

Including pre-judgment seductiveness of $888,643 assessed from a day a lawsuit was filed in May 2014, Pedroza could accept $11.5 million. McCoy also systematic Hayward to compensate Pedroza’s $1.7 million in profession fees.

Pedroza expelled a matter praising her attorneys and thanking friends and family for their support. “My family and we feel relieved and irreproachable with a outcome of a hearing and a visualisation hermetic today,” she said.

Hayward’s attorneys are scheming an appeal, that means Pedroza won’t be collecting a visualisation given they will disagree that she is not entitled to it.

“We do not trust Texas law justifies a partnership by control on these facts,” pronounced David Keltner, a Fort Worth profession who will hoop Hayward’s appeal.

McCoy’s sequence ends this section of a authorised story that infrequently seemed as tortured as a tract to The New York Times bestseller, that desirous a film of a same name. The courtroom quarrel stretched all a approach to a suburb of Sydney.


She is really happy with a position we’re in. Attorney Michael Farris, referring to his client, Jennifer Pedroza

In 2014, Pedroza sued Hayward, her partner in an e-publishing business that creatively constructed Fifty Shades of Grey, observant she had been defrauded out of royalties that a novel and a dual sequels had warranted given it was expelled in 2011.


While annals on a royalties have been sealed, justice testimony and papers suggested that Fifty Shades of Grey done during slightest $40 million, including some-more than $3 million that was warranted given a lawsuit was filed.

While annals on a royalties have been sealed, justice testimony and papers suggested that a novel done during slightest $40 million for a partners, about $3 million given a lawsuit was filed.

The quarrel over a income suggested that a attribute between Pedroza, Hayward and several other women was fifty shades of complicated.

Pedroza, a clergyman during Sam Rosen Elementary School in Fort Worth, and Hayward, who lived in Dural, a Sydney suburb, were partners in The Writer’s Coffee Shop, that started out as an online blog in 2009, along with Jennifer McGuire of Waxahachie. Visitors to a fan-based website discussed books and wrote “fan fiction” stories.

McGuire did pattern work for a blog, Pedroza uploaded contributors’ writing, and Hayward worked with a authors. Later, Christa Beebe of Arlington assimilated and helped with offered and distribution.


The judge’s sequence ends this section in a authorised story that infrequently seemed as tortured as a tract to The New York Times bestseller, that desirous a film by a same name. It is a courtroom quarrel that stretched all a approach to a suburb of Sydney and quickly landed in a Texas appeals court.

By 2010, Pedroza and Hayward had a Coffee Shop handling as a edition house. And in 2011 it published Fifty Shades of Grey, that was created by British author E.L. James, as an e-book and print-on-demand full-length book.

The association published a sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, in 2011 and 2012. The trilogy became a sensation, offered 250,000 copies by e-book and print-on-demand, with an additional 20,000 imitation copies.

In 2012, Random House done a understanding with Hayward and James to tell a books. Pedroza perceived a one-time remuneration of $100,000 after a Random House agreement was signed, though she was never told of a full terms of a transaction. Random House was not named in a lawsuit.

While Pedroza’s lawsuit concurred that she and Hayward never hermetic a prepared partnership agreement – though Pedroza pronounced in a fit she was due 25 percent of a net increase – it showed that in 2011 their business filed a partnership income taxation lapse fixing Pedroza as a ubiquitous partner.


In a lawsuit Pedroza filed in May 2014, she contended Hayward personally converted a Writers Coffee Shop into a association she alone owned, slicing Pedroza out of a partnership’s earnings.

In a lawsuit Pedroza and Beebe filed in May 2014, they contended that in 2012, Hayward had personally converted a Coffee Shop into a association she alone owned, slicing them out of a partnership’s earnings.

Beebe staid her claims opposite Hayward in Dec 2014. After a four-day hearing in Feb 2015, a jury dynamic that there was a partnership between Pedroza and Hayward. But a jury did not set a dollar volume for an award, withdrawal that to McCoy after an review of a firm’s finances.

Eventually, an review suggested that a books done about $40 million and that Pedroza was due $10.6 million. In new months, attorneys have been variable over fees and interest.

It’s probable Pedroza and Hayward will try to strech an out-of-court settlement.

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