Arnab Goswami, a Man Kashmir Views In ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

July 4, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Arnab Goswami has been trending all by final week, pleasantness his speak of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In Kashmir, though, Arnab is always trending. Kashmir’s equation with Arnab can be summed adult as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Every Kashmiri, from a proxy to a university tyro to a shikara wala, seems to have a protest opposite Arnab. The doubt is customarily of a grade of grey.

Any Kashmiri who creates it to Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour, and can mount his belligerent by a anchor’s inquire and media trial, gains present luminary hood in Kashmir. Across Srinagar and several towns in a Valley, while many Kashmiris eat dinner, they watch The Newshour.

Arnab’s silences and outbursts both are dissected during leisure, during or after his show. And if his uncover has any Kashmir link, it becomes a articulate indicate of a Valley for a subsequent few days. we have celebrated that Kashmiris tend to courtesy The Newshour as an instrument of hate. When they speak about this news program, they customarily impute to it as a “nafrat failaane waala show” (the uncover that spreads hatred).

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