Attention! You Can Buy Your Fifty Shades Tickets Now

January 7, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

This is a open use proclamation from your good friends during who sealed adult for a Fandango Fan Alert so we didn’t have to: Fifty Shades of Grey tickets are now on sale. Repeat: Fifty Shades of Grey tickets are now on sale. Now is a time to accumulate your friends like rosebuds or whatever, and buy adult 10 of those suckers during once so we can take adult an whole quarrel during a museum on opening night and giggle during all a wrong parts. Perhaps we only need two, for yourself and your boyfriend, who has pleasantly concluded to go see this cinematic masterpiece with we as a Valentine’s Day gift. Just one, even, since your friends are terrible people who consider Fifty Shades is rabble and they won’t go with we even if we guarantee to filch a jug of booze into a theater. Whatever a case, make haste, since Christian Grey fangirls do not disaster around. It’s OK, I’ll give we 5 mins to go get them.

You done? Cool. Now greatfully suffer a trailer another 500 times:

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