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March 29, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether Universal allows Author E.L. James to give birth to “Fifty Shades Darker” twice – this time as a scripted supplement to her blending bestseller incited blockbuster “Fifty Shades of Grey” – is Hollywood’s latest rant. The accord of critics: She can’t do it. She’s an author – not a screenwriter – one who can’t or shouldn’t do both. She wants to be a idealist – a sum control freak. What executive in their right mind would wish to scuffle with her consistent nosiness and continuous demands? A gigantic rubbish of time and income for an unused commodity (- nonetheless a same unused commodity who wrote a book, a one Universal already play on a $40 million prolongation and now that play has paid off with $563.9 million worldwide box bureau and counting: A desired play that done everybody concerned a domicile name, distant richer and combined a new studio franchise.)

An arrogance by many in a industry:  Authors can’t be screenwriters; Journalists can’t be screenwriters. Or directors.


Oscar winners Cameron Crowe and Billy Wilder? Rod Lurie? The list goes on – all flexed their film essay and directing muscles and we positively enjoyed a advantages of it. we will note one who is womanlike – a repository journalist, who became a bestselling author, who became a challenging screenwriter of classical stylish flicks – bettering in some cases her possess story, “Heartburn” (what many would cruise double jeopardy) – AND a dear director. Nora Ephron was a black of a regretful comedy and a outrageous detriment of talent during her passing. Her scripts and cinema done Meg Ryan a $20 million star. She worked with a greats and she was great. Can E.L. James turn a Nora Ephron of cinematic mommy porn? Who knows. we worked in a Barnes Noble Noble many, many years ago and all we can remember is avoiding a intrigue territory – it was a stately pain to postpone those paperbacks during a finish of a day – that unfilled titillating rabble was pumped out like string candy each week and women scarfed it up. Its not my thing, though it creates a LOT of income for bookstores and James – married that light weight porn, forgive me BDSM, to “Twilight.” She’s a intelligent selling maven who seized a moment.

Is her things fresh? Yes – and No: More on that below.

But for all a ranting, there’s a great small interview Nora Ephron did with “The Believer” in 2012, that all writers who would adore a shot like this should read.

Why? Because she clearly delineates this B.S. – authors and reporters who haven’t, should take that shot for themselves. The business needs uninformed voices. Read a square – Ephron did it and she knew what she was articulate about and we desired her for it.

If people wish to rabble James for her function on a set– whatever it was and/or stays  – since a executive Sam Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel (probably) won’t be fasten this red room frisk a second time around, so be it.

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