Being Beautiful: Celebrating some-more than 50 shades of grey

April 26, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The filmFifty Shades of Grey” had many women and some-more than a few group articulate progressing this year. Well, we won’t critique a movie, though we do know a thing or dual about grey hair. When Patsy Hicks motionless to possess her grey and strew her winter coat, we was some-more than happy to oblige. 


God contingency know a thing or dual about hair tone since so many folks demeanour some-more healthy with a assistance of a few strands of silver. It starts around a hairline. Then we notice those china hairs are bringing friends to a party, and before we know it, your china backing is staring behind during we from a mirror. Some have darker hues of argent silver, while others acquire lighter strands of white. In Patsy’s case, it closely resembles one of Mama’s homemade frostings from a box, and we don’t meant Betty Crocker. Oh, boy, do we remember those days.  


An band of healthy grey behaving alongside hues of china and white set a theatre for a makeover, and we valid that grey matters, with or though Christian Grey from a film and though a assistance of a private jet or a best-selling novel.  


We began with what a grandmothers called a “permanent wave,” though not your grandma’s Ogilvie or Toni. Instead we used a complicated proceed with large rods for looser curls. This new spin on an aged favorite gave a hair volume to gangling lending itself to a razored border chiseled into a braid all over for an edgy, devil-may-care vibe. Sometimes all a lady needs is a right male in her life to unleash all her fantasies, well, her hair fantasies, of course. 


The face was embellished with a comfortable foundation, surfaced with a powdering of bronzing powder to inform Patsy’s mettle and arise adult a skin. My favorite tips for someone who has, well, sealed adult for Social Security, shall we say, is to supplement a splendid lipstick, play adult a top eyelids, and don’t be fearful of tone — on a eyes, lips, accessories. Since Patsy passes for 50, I’m certain this bustling mom of two, grandmother of four, great-grandmother of one, and animal partner extraordinaire won’t mind pity her story. 


Sultry, sharp and marvellous was a book for Patsy, and that’s one shade of grey we adore.


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