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April 12, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A blacksmith got a startle – when a customer asked him to qualification some Fifty Shades of Grey-style SM woe equipment.

The eccentric ask was a new one for a Adam Blockley, who creates 17th century armour.

Adam, 39, from Kineton, Warwickshire, dutifully constructed shackles and thumbscrews.

“I didn’t ask too many questions, to be honest,” laughs a father-of-two, whose chain-mail business crafting is quick proof a tellurian success.

More approved orders come flooding in from Australia and a Netherlands, reports a Birmingham Mail.

Adam recently distinguished scooping a remunerative sequence for pikes, breastplates and helmets from a soon-to-be-opened Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

He came adult with a cast-iron business devise after being done surplus from his engineering job.

A dedicated member of polite fight re-enactment multitude Sealed Knot, Adam suspicion it was a ideal approach of mixing business with pleasure.

“I was doing it as a hobby,” he explains, “making a few pieces and pieces for friends.

“I’ve got a credentials in excellent art, sculpture and blacksmithing, so it wasn’t a sum jump in a dark.”

Birmingham Mail
Blacksmith Adam Blockley

He even beaten out a sword and helmet for 40-year-old mother Jocasta, who is also in Sealed Knot.

Adam began work in a strew during a bottom of a garden, though now uses a seminar tighten to a site of a Battle of Edgehill.

Now his work is most sought after by chronological societies with some-more and some-more orders entrance from abroad.

“On a continent we had a Thirty Years War, that took place around a same time as a polite war,” says Adam.

“I use a same techniques as a 17th century armourers, and do a lot of investigate to get things right, even down to withdrawal produce outlines on munitions-grade breastplates.

“Authenticity is a goal.

“It is time-consuming, though we wish to get things right.

“In a summer, when a forge is busy, it’s hot; in a winter it gets chilly.

“But it’s a rewarding pursuit and something I’m ardent about.”

Birmingham Mail
Blacksmith Adam Blockley

Ninety per cent of orders come from associate re-enactors who need custom-sized gear.

It’s a long, perfected process, with a pikeman’s helmet holding dual days to figure out of amiable steel.

Adam uses an strange crimping technique to join a dual halves.

A breastplate can take 20 hours and cost around £400.

He adds: “During a polite fight such steel was indifferent for a aloft standing soldiery, with a arrange and record regulating softer iron.

“Paradoxically, a latter valid improved during interesting a impact of musket balls when used for breastplates – an early chronicle of a bullet-proof vest.”

The polite fight centre, set to open on May 3, is dedicated to a dispute that raged from 1638 to 1653, and has been increased by a £3.5 million Heritage Lottery grant.

Birmingham Mail
Blacksmith Adam Blockley

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