Bookstore Finds Novel Use For All Its ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Copies

April 3, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

“I would contend we’ve been removing around 20 to 30 copies per day given a book came out!” Ashley Stamford-Plows, a handling executive of a store, told The Huffington Post. “No singular other pretension can contest with a perfect numbers of Fifty Shades that are out there.”

Though a store has an contentment of books, a array is still a tip seller. But in 2015, in credentials for a “Fifty Shades of Greymovie, a bookstore motionless to save their copies, meaningful direct would fire behind adult when a film was released. The lady who was obliged for collecting and storing a incoming copies was on vacation, so a books began to raise adult on her desk.

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