Box Office: ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Whips Up $146M Worldwide Debut

February 13, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey


Fifty Shades Darker wasn’t a tip film of a weekend, though it was still a winner. The second of 3 designed film adaptations of E.L. James’ bestselling literary trilogy warranted a superb $46.8 million over a domestic debut. That’s a 2.17x weekend multiplier, that isn’t terribly high but isn’t a disaster possibly deliberation a altogether numbers. Yes, a film non-stop good below Fifty Shades of Grey two years ago ($85m over a Fri-Sun apportionment of a $93m Fri-Mon Presidents Day debut), though a film still kicked boundary here and abroad with what is a $146.9m tellurian debut. So a $55m regretful play scarcely tripled a bill over a entrance weekend.

As formerly noted, a initial film was a lightning-in-a-bottle success story while this one is merely a supplement personification roughly exclusively to a fan base. Fifty Shades of Grey arrived on a call of hype interjection to a renouned source element and a fact that it was a singular would-be blockbuster that targeted adult women. While a E.L. James trilogy (basically Twilight fan novella with BDSM instead of vampirism) was argumentative due to a theme matter, a film chronicle was greeted with equal measures of contempt and totalled capitulation merely for being an R-rated, adult-skewing amorous play directed during women and written/directed by women.

Oh, and it non-stop on Valentine’s Day weekend to boot. Fifty Shades Darker has few of these advantages. The reviews are unsurprisingly lousy, and there is next-to-no certain gibberish this time around concerning what a success means for gender parity. Switching out a womanlike author and womanlike executive for dual dudes will do that. So this time around there is no oddity as a authorization is a famous entity. Like a lot of complicated franchises, you’re down to a pristine fandom by a initial sequel, so it’s usually a doubt of how vast that fandom happens to be. That substantially explains because a supplement snagged a B+ CinemaScore rating while a strange warranted a C grade. The film played 70% womanlike and 56% under-30.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so Universal/Comcast Corp. is anticipating for a boost on a fifth day of recover as was a box in 2012 with a Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams romance The Vow. That film warranted $41 million over a entrance weekend with a $3.3m Monday and afterwards an $11.55m Tuesday for what was a $56m five-day debut. If Fifty Shades Darker pulls off a same trick, a Universal/Comcast Corp. recover is looking during a $65m five-day debut. Can we consider of any other new adult-skewing, R-rated amorous dramas, aside from a initial Fifty Shades, that churned adult a $65m five-day domestic debut?

Fittingly enough, that’s about where a lower-end of expectations were for a initial Fifty Shades two years ago, creation it another box (Ted 2, Neighbors 2, etc.) of a supplement to an over-performing strange grossing about what a initial film was approaching to make. And even if this is a box of supplement downturn, a initial film so vastly over-performed ($166 million domestic and $571m worldwide) that it can means to take a relations dump and still make a mint.

The James Foley-directed supplement non-stop in 53 abroad territories this weekend where it warranted $100.1 million. That gives a film an aforementioned $146m tellurian bow. The initial film warranted $243m in a worldwide debut, so it a supplement has identical legs we’re looking during a $90m domestic and $344m worldwide sum on a $55m budget. This isn’t Alice Through a Looking Glass, it’s Angels Demons and everybody is still going to make a lot of money.

Besides, even if a authorization is trending down, there is usually one some-more installment, due subsequent Valentine’s Day. And afterwards Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will be Fifty Shades Freed from this franchise. Like a Hobbit trilogy, this is a authorization whose initial film performs good adequate to fundamentally compensate for a rest of a sequels.

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