Can ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Turn You Into A Sexist?

May 11, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

If we were formulation to replace The Feminine Mystique with Fifty Shades of Grey on your teenage daughter, niece or sidekick’s feminist endorsed reading list, a new investigate suggests we siphon a brakes.

The study, that was published in a biography Archives of Sexual Behavior, surveyed 715 immature women and found that those who had review E.L. James’ array Fifty Shades of Grey exhibited aloft levels of ambivalent, benevolent, and antagonistic sexism. Subjects who found a books “romantic,” in particular, showed some-more changeable and good sexism.

Benevolent sexism competence perceptible in romance-novel tropes, like desiring a lady should be placed on a pedestal, stable by a clever masculine companion, and treated as radically opposite and some-more ethereal than a man. The juncture of a intimately innocent, weak-willed and frail Anastasia Steele with widespread Christian, who expresses his adore by safeguarding her from a outward universe while awaiting sum tractability and benefit from her, fits rather orderly into this paradigm. 

This trope isn’t new to a intrigue universe with Fifty Shades, and bodice-ripper fans have been pulling behind for years opposite a thought that reading novels about women descending in adore and having, in many cases, cooperative passionate relations is inherently anti-feminist. Romance author Sarah MacLean argued to The Atlantic, “we have to give ourselves accede as women to have fantasies. We aren’t observant that group should bluster passionate prevalence or nuisance or abuse. But it’s fine if we, during some point, find a thought of that hazard hot.” 

So is it Fifty Shades feminists should avoid? Are all intrigue novels featuring normal gender roles in question? 

Well, to start with, it’s misleading from a study, that focused wholly on 18- to 24-year-old women, either reading Fifty Shades led to aloft levels of sexist beliefs, or either harboring those beliefs to start with drew certain immature women to review a series. At a comparatively immature and ductile age, readers competence be some-more simply shabby by a media they’re consuming, though it’s wholly probable that women who don’t find normal gender roles regretful simply never wanted to review a books to start with. 

As many long-time intrigue readers know, however, reading heated intrigue novella like Fifty Shades is healthiest with a vicious recognition of a clever anticipation elements. In genuine life, a attribute like Christian and Ana’s wouldn’t play out during all like it does on a page, though that doesn’t meant it’s wrong to suffer a escapism of a story if we wish to — only remember not to go acid for a determining widespread with bad bounds of your own.

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