‘Chappaquiddick’ Loses ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Director to New Netflix Series

February 26, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey


The wild, comfortless story during a core of Chappaquiddick has been one of those real-life tales that’s been in dilapidation as a vital play for a prolonged time, retelling a events and issue of Ted Kennedy‘s barbarous automobile pile-up and a genocide of Mary Jo Kopechne. Recently, a film seemed to be on a right lane to finally relocating into prolongation when Fifty Shades of Grey helmer Sam Taylor-Johnson, a really gifted filmmaker, attaching herself to a plan in a arise of a success of a E.L. James adaptation.


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Well,about that. It’s now looking like Chappaquiddick will be in a marketplace for a new director, as Deadline reports currently that Taylor-Johnson will now be holding over directing and producing duties on Gypsy, a new Netflix play that is looking to entrance in 2017. The new series, that she will be operative on with Lisa Rubin and Sean Jablonski, tells a story of a therapist who starts holding vital chances when she starts involving herself with  people tighten to her several patients. There’s no word as to who will be personification a lead impression as of right now, though a array is now on a pierce with Taylor-Johnson attached.

Frankly, Gypsy sounds many some-more like a kind of theme element that Taylor-Johnson is preoccupied by than Chappaquiddick, and this could finish adult being Netflix’s many earnest thespian awaiting given House of Cards. Mind you, Taylor-Johnson began her underline film career with a under-seen Nowhere Boy, about a passionate awakening and early days of low-pitched celebrity for one John Lennon, played by her now-husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson. And it’s critical to indicate out that a innumerable problems with Fifty Shades of Grey had many some-more to do with a book and a casting than it did with her direction. The insinuate desires that form passionate and regretful relations are what essentially seductiveness Taylor-Johnson, and a meagre sum we have about Gypsy right now advise that it will concede her to entirely try such thematic concepts on a many broader canvas. Color me interested.


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