Charity emporium builds installation out of neglected ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books

April 20, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A integrate of years ago, it seemed as if everyone was giving in to enticement and buying Fifty Shades of Grey. But now those readers are scrambling to unpack their copies of the erotic blockbuster.

It’s gotten so bad that a gift emporium in a United Kingdom is vagrant people to stop donating a book.

Katherine Eilbeck

Katherine Eilbeck is emissary manager of a Oxfam Shop in Swansea, England. (Facebook)

“We have hundreds in a shop,” Katherine Eilbeck tells
As It Happens horde Carol Off.

Eilbeck is a emissary manager the
Oxfam Shop in Swansea, Wales. She says a copies during her store paint just a fragment of a “thousands” being warehoused for gift shops in a area.

“They have built adult an extraordinary amount,” Eilbeck admits. “So many that we unequivocally wouldn’t like to contend how many, though a lot.”

Workers during a swarming local warehouse are anticipating artistic ways to conduct a burgeoning supply of
Fifty Shades of Grey copies.

“They’ve built a residence that they can indeed arrange of travel inside,” Eilbeck explains. “With all a walls and a doorway that they can travel in — it only looks unequivocally funny.”

Photos of their
Fifty Shades of Grey book installation are now going viral. Eilbeck is asking people will cruise twice before branch in another copy. She hopes they will opt for other equipment with a aloft resale value, such as vinyl records.

“It was only to illustrate a point,” Eilbeck explains. “Instead of bringing in another
Da Vinci Code, or another
Fifty Shades of Grey, greatfully can we have something else?”

It is too early to know either a media courtesy will inhibit further Fifty Shades of Grey donations, though Eilbeck says they’re already receiving proposals for recycling a existent surplus.

“We’ve listened recently that they are indeed stuffing in holes in a highway with pulp.” Plus, according to Eilbeck, “a man has stage adult today, with all a press, to contend that he wants to build a genuine wall with them and since they’re all a same size, that he’s going to cruise shopping some, so we’ll wait and see what happens about that.”

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