Charlie Hunnam on ‘Sons,’ ‘Fifty Shades’ fallout, and what’s next

October 4, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

In this week’s EW cover story (read it online), Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam discusses his brotherly, head-butting attribute with uncover creator Kurt Sutter, a formidable preference Sutter faces in how Jax will respond if/when he learns Gemma (Katey Sagal) is a one who killed Tara (Maggie Siff), how he’d write Jax’s fate, and a kind of torture he hopes FX’s top-rated uncover will have following a Dec. 9 array finale. Here’s some-more of a review about deteriorate 7 of Sons, his preference not to do Fifty Shades of Grey, and a 3 cinema he hopes to film next.


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EW: Back in August, Kurt told EW that he believes dual bar members will die this season. Did that comparatively low series warn you?
Hunnam: There only are not that many bar members left. If we wish there to indeed be a Sons of Anarchy during a core of Sons of Anarchy storylines, we can’t unequivocally kill anyone else, or else we need to start patching new members in during a unequivocally quick rate. For me, this uncover has always been about a Sons. we have a smashing time operative with Katey [Sagal], we desired with all my heart operative with Maggie [Siff], and they’re apparently impossibly critical characters. But to me, what has done this uncover so special is a society and a boys. It’s impossibly unpleasant for me each time we remove one of a guys. As we get closer to a finish and this small bar has kinda turn rather genuine to me, we only wish that there’s adequate of a strange guys [left] that we have a clarity that this thing will continue once we stop examination their lives. we would love, during a finish of a show, for a clarity that a bar is in tact and gonna pierce forward, yet we don’t know if eventually that will be a box or not.

What excites we about where a deteriorate is headed?
Jax’s psychology and where he finds himself in estimate all of this. Because we consider there’s a rather dishonest, easy default place that he’s authorised himself to settle into where it’s all about vengeance. His dignified compass is gone, so he doesn’t have to answer or consider about it: He’s an outlaw, and this is a approach he his, and that’s only a f–king existence of it now, and everybody improved f–king like it, we know. And that’s only sum f–kin’ bulls–t since that’s not who he is. He’s a soulful guy, and he’s a genuine thinker, and we don’t consider he’s giving himself a event to unequivocally weep Tara’s detriment in a approach that’s significant. Killing trusting Chinese group or guilty Chinese group or anyone is not gonna be a answer. We’re removing into that place now where there’s most some-more of an honest kind of thoughtfulness and scrutiny of what he’s doing, and who he is, and how this means manifested or was catalyzed by him saying a duration of this cycle in his children. we consider that’s a unequivocally smart, pleasing approach to reason a counterpart adult to Jax in Tara’s absence—with this children. That has been really, unequivocally lovely, gratifying things to play towards a finish of a season.

If we didn’t have 6 seasons of venerate for Jax, conference him tell Jury his devise to destroy Henry Lin and kill all a Chinese would be tough to swallow. When he tells Jury that he has no prophesy behind revenge, it’s like, “Bobby, are we conference this? Why is a bar following a male who admits he has no vision?”
I know. The guys personification those characters struggled with that a small bit in a moment. It didn’t indispensably feel like it was a instinct that they’d come to know from those characters to act that way. We only all had to bear in mind by those moments that it was gonna go somewhere. It’s upheld by flattering simply distinct psychology: They know Jax. They know how most Tara meant to him. The approach we was meditative about it, roughly from their indicate of view, is, “We know this is f–ked. We know this is substantially gonna means some flattering scattered [monstrosities] to come, yet eventually this is what this child needs, so we’re only gonna support him since this is his darkest moment.” we consider that solve to follow me blindly unequivocally gets reduced and reduced to a indicate where there has to be a small bit of a come-to-Jesus impulse among us.

Switching gears, you’ve non-stop adult recently about your preference not to do Fifty Shades of Grey [he was pushing himself crazy meditative about being prepared to step into Christian’s suits 48 hours after jacket Sons‘ deteriorate 6 finale, and a delayed start wouldn’t have helped him since was committed to sharpened Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak right after Fifty]. How did we get by the media storm? Just radio silence?
Yeah, it was radio silence. It was a unequivocally formidable position that we put myself in, and that we put a studio in, since of course, those form of things are like red broom to a longhorn to a lot of bloggers and reviewers. There was a whirlwind of conjecture that went around it, and we only feel like I’m happy to do interviews to foster projects and to get a word out there and stuff, yet we don’t feel as yet we unequivocally owe anyone an reason on a things we do. It’s unequivocally personal to me, and each preference we make comes from my heart. There’s zero ever monetarily or fame-seeking or any of a other motivations that infrequently go hand-in-hand with this profession. To me, it’s only not like that. I’m on [Laughs] a tour of self-discovery and perplexing to equivocate sum existential crisis. That’s a kind of handling section that I’m coming this business from. And so it was unequivocally painful, and it was unequivocally difficult. we was disturbed that a wrong notice would come out, that is what happened—it was all about that we got cold feet, or that we didn’t have faith in a movie, or that we didn’t like a script, and all this f–king bulls–t. Anybody that knows a routine of actors with firmness going about selecting roles knew that all of those questions would have been answered in a unequivocally initial assembly and that had any of that indeed been a case, we would have not gotten myself in a conditions in a initial place. So it was a small bit irritating and a small bit painful, and we unequivocally was only so unhappy for Sam [Taylor-Johnson], a director, since we positively venerate her, and we gave her my word and committed to going on this tour with her. It’s been many years that I’ve been in this business. All of a sudden, I’m removing all of these smashing people coming me and seeking me to work with them. It’s unequivocally tough to contend no when we venerate and honour people. we only kind of done a bit of a rookie mistake in that one in satirical off some-more than we could chew.

Looking ahead, when we was on a Sons set, executive Charles Murray had gotten some of a SAMCRO guys Burger Crown crowns to wear to applaud your casting in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur project. That’s subsequent for you?
We’re not gonna start sharpened until mid-February. But there’s dual and a half months of chapter coaching, sword fighting, equine training, quarrel training—all of that kind of things that we wish to do.

And a reason to do that is to work with Guy?
One hundred percent, Guy. But also, we gotta say, Arthurian fable did play a large partial in my childhood. In particular, a film Excalibur was unequivocally one of those films that was instrumental in me realizing that we wanted to turn an actor. So it kinda feels like one of those full round form of moments.

You also told me on set a one thing we won’t skip about Sons is operative 16-hour days in a sun. Now you’re also trustworthy to a instrumentation of a regretful presence story The Mountain Between Us, about dual strangers whose craft goes down in a forest with temperatures hovering in a teens.
I’ll substantially be very, unequivocally fast blank a feverishness of Sons once we get out into those Arctic conditions for a integrate of weeks. But that’s a plan that I’ve been posterior and examination from a sidelines for several years now. Beautiful script, and it’s been a few opposite incarnations with a integrate opposite directors. we had been trustworthy to it once before with one director, and afterwards he finished adult descending out. So prolonged story short, they got this new executive that we positively adore, and so we went and followed it and now they’ve trustworthy me.

You’re also trustworthy to A Prayer Before Dawn.
I’ll go to Thailand and do that tiny, tiny, small small indie, that is formed on an extraordinary loyal story about this male Billy Moore. He was an English child who grew adult an contemptible misery and channeled all of his appetite into fighting. He was a genuine contender, and afterwards got into drugs during 17 and f–ked it all up, threw it all away. Cut to 10 years later, during 27, he goes to Thailand to try to purify up. Gets his act together, fights for a year in Muay Thai muster fights. This is all a backstory. You accommodate him a night he relapses and within 48 hours of relapsing, he’s been held with a large volume of methamphetamine and got condemned to substantially a misfortune jail in a world. They call it a Bangkok Hilton. And so it’s a jail story about his journey. Within a Thai jail [system], they work an inducement intrigue that dictates if a prisoners don’t get into any difficulty during all while inside, they can have entrance to a gym. If they’re fighting in a gym each day, afterwards they validate to take partial in a annual jail Muay Thai tournament—the leader of that gets a stately atonement and walks out of a jail that night. He took partial in 3 of these fighting tournaments….I got to do a lot of Muay Thai fighting, so now is a time to start removing very, unequivocally fit.

That segues into this peculiar question: When we was on set, we mentioned that we move 3 eggs with we each day. Since afterwards we stumbled opposite an essay that pronounced we bought a plantation with chickens final year. Are those eggs from your possess chickens?
I positively only mislaid my mind final year. we had some large personal things going in my life, and we consider it only threw me off change and we motionless we was gonna buy a ranch, we was gonna take Fifty Shades of Grey and each other film that we got offering all during a same time, and afterwards we had something of a shaken relapse and had to lift out of all of it. So we didn’t finish adult shopping that ranch. Literally, I had an hour until my, like, [Laughs] six-figure deposition was no longer refundable. When we contend we pulled out during a 11th hour, we unequivocally did. That sucks. That sucks for everybody involved.

Watch a behind a scenes video of EW’s cover fire with a Sons cast.

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