‘Cinderella’ Tops International Box Office As ‘Fifty Shades’ Joins Uni’s Top 10

March 15, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

HIGHLIGHTS: Cinderella (DIS) is goddess of a round during $62.4M; Run All Night from WB hits $6.6M; Fifty Shades Of Grey (UNI) cracks studio’s Top 10; Into The Woods (DIS) sings splendid $3.6M balance in Japan; The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (FOX) is still tops in a UK. More to come…

Cinderella planted her glass-slippered feet onto a universe theatre this weekend with a $132.45M tellurian cume. The general angel dirt was value an estimated $62.4M with a record crawl for a Disney Live Action film in China during $25M. Russia was also a large play with $7.3M, considerable in a marketplace that – like China – typically goes for 3D fare. The best offshore comp is Oz, The Great And Powerful. That film non-stop dual years ago in radically a same mezzanine with $69M in 46 markets. Cinderella’s strut this weekend was 17% aloft than Oz’s start in a same apartment of markets; a latter film surfaced out during $258.4M internationally. See my separate news on Cinderella for more.

On a flip side of a demo, Liam Neeson’s re-team with Jaume Collet-Serra, Run All Night, did 19 general markets this weekend, grossing an estimated $6.6M for Warner Bros., with scarcely 1M admissions from some-more than 1,900 screens, including sneaks. Major bows were in a UK and France. In a former, a movement thriller’s entrance was value $1.3M on 544 screens. France launched to $1.1M from 406 theaters, ranking No. 2 in that country. The UAE’s weekend was an glorious $731K from 51 screens. Next weekend, Neeson’s hit male Jimmy Conlon will aim Australia and Korea.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar leader Big Hero 6 became a tip charcterised pretension of 2014 with $633M globally over a weekend. After opening in China on Feb 28, a film now has a internal cume of $66.5M, leading Frozen to turn a tip grossing charcterised recover there ever from Disney or Pixar. Big Hero 6 is now a 3rd biggest animation recover ever in a Middle Kingdom as good as a tip grossing non-sequel charcterised film of all time after 16 days of release. In all, it combined $17M in 23 territories this support for a $411.1M general total. Of that, $15.5M came from China – a 15% dump from final weekend.

Kingsman: The Secret Service warranted $13.7M this weekend lifting a cume to $169.9M. Korea scored another winning support with $3.5M in a 5th go-round, dipping to No. 2 behind a internal title. The cume there is $36.5M Germany non-stop No. 1 with $2.38M from 629 screens. Elsewhere, France hold on easily with a 23% dump and another $1M to take a cume to $9.9M.

Warner Bros’ Will Smith-starrer Focus pulled $13.5M in 61 markets in a 3rd support for a on-going sum of $57.7M. Brazil was a No. 1 start with $1.9M from 625 screens. The cume to date now stands during $5.2M. The tip marketplace cume is a UK with $8.7M, followed by Russia during $7.7M, Mexico with $5.2M, Australia during $4.2M and Italy with $4M. Upcoming releases embody France and Spain this week.

After rising to a No. 1 mark internationally last weekend on a behind of a clever China start, Jupiter Ascending combined $8.7M this support in 37 markets, bringing a general cume to date to $125.2M. The Middle Kingdom brought in another $8.1M for a sum there of $40.6M. Japan releases Mar 28.

Fifty Shades Of Grey has turn Universal’s 10th highest-grossing film of all time worldwide. The tellurian sum is now $546.5M, thrusting Ana and Christian forward of Despicable Me’s sum of $544M. This weekend, a 5th, a subjugation excavation combined $8.3M in 60 territories for an general cume of $385.1M. It will pass $550M tellurian subsequent frame. Overseas, it will cranky $386M during a box bureau on Monday, withdrawal The Lost World ($385.9M) in a marks to turn Universal’s 6th tip grossing film ever internationally. That will land it behind Despicable Me 2 ($607.1M); Jurassic Park ($564.5M); Fast Furious 6 ($550.3M); Mamma Mia! ($462M) and Fast Five ($420M). Notably, all of those films had China while Fifty Shades won’t be expelled there. In 14 territories, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s blockbuster book-to-screen send is Universal’s tip film ever. Those particularly embody Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Venezuela, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Paraguay, Romania, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Egypt bent on Friday with a weekend guess of $31K during 7 dates. That was a final marketplace to go theatrically.

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper continued a spot-on arena with a serve $8M from 57 markets. The general cume is now $175.7M. It is No. 1 again in France with $1.5M in a 4th support on 520 screens. The cume there is $19.3M. Estimates from Germany put a Warner Bros recover during $1.4M for an $8.7M cume. Japan hold good with $989K ($14.8M cume) on 337 screens.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water dripping adult a serve $4.3M this weekend from 5,028 locations in 49 territories, bringing a general cume to $116.2M. While there were no new openings this weekend, Germany’s 4th support delivered $578K from 611 sites, down 41% from final week. The internal cume is now $10M there. The UK is a subsequent marketplace to recover on Mar 27.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel purebred $4.1M in a 3rd support for a cume of $28.9M. The UK was No. 1 again with $2M, bringing a cume there to $17.5M. After 3 weeks, Australia is in 2nd place with $1.3M and a cume of $8.9M. In New Zealand, a Fox Searchlight pretension is still No. 1 with a $1.65M sum to date. Among a 6 new openings, a Hotel checked into Russia with $171K during 576 dates.

Disney’s Into The Woods had a clever Japan entrance with an estimated $3.6M. That’s a biggest opening weekend for a Western recover in 2015 so distant and was 33% above American Sniper. It’s also a tip opening for a western low-pitched recover in Japan given 2000. The general sum to date to $64.8M.

Oscar leader Birdman continued a climb bringing in another $1.76M to take a cume to $56.1M. Holds are good in France and Germany with minimal drops for Fox.

Legendary’s Seventh Son combined an estimated $1.7M in 14 Universal territories for a sum $65.4M. Brazil was a new open on Thursday, fixation No. 2 with $835K during 290 dates over a weekend. There are dual territories to release: Israel Mar 26 and a UK on Mar 27. With China, a offshore cume is $90.9M.

The Theory Of Everything brought in a serve $1.4M in 46 territories. The Universal recover now has an $81.5M cume overseas. Japan non-stop on Saturday and a estimated weekend sum is $307K/strong during 59 dates with with a best shade normal in a market.

Universal’s internal recover Dukhless 2 is out of a 2nd support in Russia where it is now No. 2 behind Cinderella with an estimated $1.3M during 1,033 dates for an 11-day sum of $6.5M.

Project Almanac combined $533K for Paramount from 659 locations in 11 markets including new openings in Peru and Bolivia. The general cume is now $9.9M.

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