Cold Feet recap: part 5 – middle-age in fifty shades of grey

October 4, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s unequivocally grey isn’t it, Adam’s rented flat? The tiles, a cupboards, a walls, a bread bin – everything. Plus Adam (all 4 of him, it’s a pretence to uncover a flitting of time and that he’s bored) is wearing grey. Karen’s kitchen too, unequivocally grey. Is it conscious we wonder, to underline a ageing of a characters? And what about a lepidoptera? Karen’s got a framed arthropod display, Adam’s got a arthropod (or bees) design thing going on. Is it something to do with a transience of life perhaps, or disharmony speculation … or is that reading too most into Cold Feet?

Anyway, who’s going to be a initial unchallenging singer-songwriter to make an coming on a soundtrack? Gilbert O’Sullivan! Straight in. Alone Again – yes, we see, Adam is, alone, again, what with Angela behind in Singapore.

But here’s something for a immature ’uns: Jess Glynne. Still an unchallenging singer-songwriter, though a some-more new one. Young Chloe is doing to JG’s Take Me Home what her father Pete unsuccessful to do to aged Harry, ie murdering it. Pete’s not Chloe’s biological father of course, someone called Grant is, and here he is, Robert Webb, out of a blue and out of AA, doing some kind of 12-step confession tour.

Grant, played by Robert Webb. Photograph: Big Talk Productions / ITV

Pete’s carrying problems holding a income Harry left him. (Take it – Harry’s possess brood are awful, and Jenny needs a holiday if usually to get divided from Grant, and Chloe unequivocally needs singing lessons). David’s rascal thing’s not going well. And Adam still hasn’t bending adult with his prohibited landlady from opposite a hall, a owners of a grey flat. Hang on, here she is, half in a sideboard underneath Adam’s sink, regulating a plumbing issue. Is this a porno from a 1970s? Problem fixed, no extras. They’re unequivocally spinning that one out. Come on, I’m removing wearied with Karen and Eddie’s slowly-slowly intrigue …

But a movement and a song gets better. So Karen tells her trainer where to force his job, to Missy Elliot. And Pete punches Grant in a face, to Motorhead. Ha, that’s some-more like it.

Issue of a week

Well, a emanate of when absent biological relatives unexpected spin up, obviously. But also a problems confronting a edition attention today, and the successive dumbed-down offerings. Cats That Kill!, Ugly Towns … actually, we know someone who’s finished that one, for real.

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