College Student Accused Of Brutal Rape, Uses ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ As His …

February 25, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 during 2:11 pm

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College Student Accused Of Brutal Rape, Uses ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ As His Defense


The 3 books in a renouned Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

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A tyro during a University of Illinois has been charged with intimately assaulting a 19-year-old lady in an occurrence that allegedly concerned restraining a plant to a bed, blindfolding her, stuffing a necktie in her mouth, and assault her with a belt. But he maintains that it was consensual. He told authorities that he was behaving out scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey — a wildly renouned book about a college virgin’s attribute with a eccentric billionaire that was recently adapted for a large screen.

According to local reports, a conflict occurred after college beginner Mohammad Hossain invited one of his womanlike classmate to come over to his dorm room. The dual had formerly had a earthy relationship, and a lady resolved to mislay her clothes. But, according to a military report, a confront quickly incited violent.

The military news states that Hossain started distinguished a lady with a belt, and continued attack her even after she pronounced no,” “stop,” and “you’re spiteful me.” A orator for a state’s profession told a Washington Post that Hossain also strike her with his fists. Then, he allegedly intimately assaulted her, holding her hands behind her behind as she cried and attempted to mangle free. As shortly as she was means to leave a room, she called a police, who arrested Hossain in his dorm room.

Hossain reportedly told a cops that a dual were simply desirous by a passionate encounters in Fifty Shades of Grey. His attorneys relied on that evidence as their primary defense. When a decider asked how a film could presumably convince Hossain to “do something like this,” his counsel replied, “He would contend that it was consensual.”

The dramatic headlines about Hossain’s box serve mystify a review over Fifty Shades of Grey, that is already flattering fraught. There are a lot of clever opinions on all sides about what accurately E.L. James’ array is saying about gender roles, sexuality, and violence. The authorization has been criticized for a depiction of a relationship that could be construed as abusive, scorned by members of a BDSM village for misrepresenting kink, and praised as a healthy opening for concerned American women to try erotica.

And there’s a darker doubt sneaking in a dozens of consider pieces that have dedicated space to a new film over a past several weeks: It probable that a themes in Fifty Shades could indeed encourage diseased attitudes toward sex and power?

Some people unequivocally think so. Researchers are trying to investigate people who have review a book to see either they’re some-more expected to have violent partners. Domestic assault groups are protesting a movie and propelling people to present to women’s shelters instead. Right-wing opponents of porn have declared a film will “put a health and complacency of infinite women in jeopardy.” But it’s not accurately transparent cut: Other commentators are more skeptical that Fifty Shades could have a elementary cause-and-effect attribute with domestic abuse, and advise a film competence indeed assistance open adult some productive conversations between couples about what they’re peaceful to try.

The news about Hossain’s case, however, is an critical sign that a existence is substantially somewhere in a disorderly middle.

Writing in a Atlantic progressing this month, Emma Green forked out that Fifty Shades of Grey became a pound strike during a same time as a judgment of “rape culture” became more mainstream. And when we put those dual ideas in review with any other, it gets unequivocally difficult unequivocally quickly. Americans are only starting to have deeper conversations about healthy passionate encounters, suggestive consent, and a societal scripts that change a opposite ways that group and women proceed sex. At a same time, Fifty Shades is hinting during a most some-more difficult and most some-more modernized turn of passionate activity: The world of BDSM, that is predicated on unequivocally pithy manners of rendezvous and written agree totally unfamiliar to many Americans.

Green resolved that many Americans substantially aren’t prepared to request a concepts of BDSM to their possess sex lives — generally if they’re initial being introduced to those practices by Fifty Shades, that has been roundly criticized for a inaccurate portrayal of a kink community. As sex therapist Esther Perel told her: “I find it extraordinary that this nation during this indicate is going to brief quantities of ink articulate about Fifty Shades, when it doesn’t even have a simple preparation on sex. It’s like you’re introducing ethanol to people who haven’t had any H2O in years.”

Americans are already confused about what accurately constitutes consent, and it’s probable that Fifty Shades of Grey won’t assistance explain anything for them. Maybe Hossain unequivocally did consider he was carrying a consensual passionate confront in that his partner happened to be crying, objecting, and resisting. Maybe he suspicion a woman’s clearly manifest trouble was only partial of a kink.

More likely, Fifty Shades is staid to turn a available excuse.

Most passionate assaults aren’t a box of miscommunication about where a line of agree is; instead, according to research conducted into rapists’ behavior, a people who commit passionate assaults typically make calculated moves in an try to control their victims’ behavior. In that context, it’s rarely doubtful that Fifty Shades of Grey will enthuse hordes of well-meaning boyfriends to kick their partners during sex since they’re misleading about either it’s okay. But it might assistance yield a new cover for a rapists who already wish to find a approach to harm women.

Maybe they’ll inveigle their partners into going serve than they would have wanted by observant that it will be as regretful as what Christian and Anastasia do together. Maybe they’ll tell a cops that of march she has bruises on her physique since she wanted to be hit, since it was all partial of her eccentric anticipation true out of a book. Maybe some-more invulnerability attorneys will start regulating a Fifty Shades argument. It’s not tough to suppose a subsequent page right out of a “she was drunk” or “she came onto him first” playbook — “she only wanted to act out a movie.”

Fifty Shades of Grey is not obliged for rape. Men and women who suffer reading a book or examination a film aren’t bad people. But that doesn’t meant a authorization can’t correlate with rape culture — which, during a simple level, is tangible as a set of informative norms that concede rape to develop by creation it easier for rapists to get divided with their crimes — in pointed ways.

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