Could This Be Why Charlie Hunnam Bailed On Fifty Shades Of Grey?

March 30, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

At a really least, one would have to assume that doing Fifty Shades of Grey was going to be some arrange vital plea for Charlie Hunnam. He doesn’t like doing sex scenes, essentially since he’s in a attribute and he seems really committed to it, and he knows that can get ungainly for his girlfriend. We’d have to assume that doing a scenes for F__ifty Shades were going to amp that awkwardness adult to 11. Add in a fact Hunnam doesn’t like germs and filming that film was going to be a critical issue. Considering how tighten he would have to be with his co-star, with both of them not wearing most a lot of a time, a germs would be using rampant.

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