Curious? Watch a Full, Emotional Alternate Ending to Fifty Shades of Grey

May 5, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades fans might have to wait until 2017 for a new installment of a Christian Grey Anastasia Steele’s eccentric romance, though here’s a square of good news: an swap finale to a 2015 blockbuster Fifty Shades film has been released!

An romantic montage of Christian and Ana’s biggest moments spliced with their onslaught to cope with their heartbreak after a punishment fall-out, a longer finale is set to Jessie Ware’s ‘Say You Love Me.’ Oh, squeeze a kleenex!

Here’s a closer demeanour during a swap ending…

Those who have seen a film know a melodramatic chronicle finished like this:

Christian wants Ana to stay after he upsets her by attack her with a belt, though she leaves, simply observant his name as a conveyor doors close, echoing a enchanting impulse they met.

But wait – there’s more.

As Ana drives divided from Christian, she looks devastated. She wants to stay loyal to her possess principles, though can’t repudiate how critical he has turn to her.

Christian tries to channel his disappointment into cardio

That’s substantially not gonna work, Christian. It’s standard of his cold inlet that he tries to bottle it adult and run it out.

The integrate remember their many enchanting moments

Reliving a good times or simply torturing themselves? Everyone who’s ever had a break-up knows that we have to stay clever to stop neglected images popping up.

Christian is not prepared to let go

He sends Ana a indication plan,e a sign of a day they flew in a craft together (pictured above). He is dynamic to pursue her though not carrying most success as yet.

Christian broods alone in a bed they shared

After gripping women during arm’s length for so long, he contingency be distraught that a one he let get tighten to him left.

Ana has a good aged cry

Cry it out, girl. Sometimes that’s a usually way.

They both relive their improved moments

From their apparent connection to any other – and a fact that we’ve got dual some-more Fifty Shades movies entrance – we consider we’ll be saying a lot some-more of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey…

Christian stares blankly in a meeting

His work – a thing he was always means to keep apart from his personal life – is now influenced by his break-up with Ana.

The footage has strictly been expelled as partial of a Fifty Shades of Grey: Unrated Edition with Alternate Ending on Blu-Ray, DVD and iTunes Digital HD.

Here’s a promo for a sparkling Fifty Shades fender package, featuring interviews with Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey), Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) and author E.L. James.

The choice ending Fifty Shades package was expelled on iTunes Digital HD on May 1 and will be accessible on DVD and Blu-Ray from May 9.

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