Despite The Mentalist’s Coupling, Final Season ‘Is Not Fifty Shades of Grey’

November 28, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

As CBS’ The Mentalist uncorks a seventh and final, 13-episode season this Sunday during 9:30/8:30c, array lead Simon Baker has yet one wish for his character.

“I wish a bare sex scene,” a Aussie actor told TVLine during a press call to preview a procedural’s farewell run.

Playing along, heading lady Robin Tunney fast jumped in to quip,”That’s unequivocally only for, we know, a hang party, for a organisation to watch. Because we can’t concede any nakedness [on camera].”

Baker simplified that he was in fact joking, yet his indicate was that after 7 seasons, there’s unequivocally small left to give that’s new. “The law is that as an actor we put so most skin in a f–king diversion that during a end, we am only happy to scratch my skeleton together and travel out of here in one piece.”

Tunney’s possess wish, meanwhile, already has been granted, in that a uncover she has called home given 2008 is being afforded that singular event to finish things on a possess terms, and so with a scold coda. “I have gotten [my wish] — that we indeed got a decisive final deteriorate and they can tie all up,” she said. “It is unequivocally surprising to be putting it to bed in a scold way.”

Of course, what sets this deteriorate detached from a half-dozen before it is that reformed criminal male Patrick Jane and CBI-turned-FBI Agent Teresa Lisbon are entering it as a finished regretful pairing, carrying direct their feelings for one another — hermetic with a lick — in a May finale.

Tunney recalls a Season 1 press discussion in that she, Baker and array creator Bruno Heller direct that Jane and Lisbon would never offshoot up, “and we consider we were revelation a truth,” she says. Regardless, here we are, yet all concerned parties make transparent that a regretful fold will not pass a show’s final episodes, possibly with angst, arguing or overly fervent interludes.

“These dual are never going to be Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolf,” says Heller, while Tunney herself adds, “Season 7 is not Fifty Shades of Grey finished by The Mentalist.” Rather, Heller sums adult a pairing as “a unequivocally arrange of Jane Austen form of romance… between dual people you’ve famous for years, and we can see they are done for any other not in a fiery, crazy way, yet in a human, gentle, scold way.”

Baker says of a “Jisbon” romance, “We are not exploring a apparent side of carrying a attribute in a workplace yet some-more a pitfalls and speed bumps that we come adult opposite when we know someone so good and afterwards confirm to have a attribute with them.”

Especially when Jane has pulled Lisbon divided from a appealing destiny she had mapped out with FBI Agent Marcus Pike (played by Pedro Pascal) to offer her… what, exactly? That doubt surfaces in a premiere, and shall be addressed via a final salvo.

“This deteriorate is unequivocally most about a reconfiguring of a attribute that has been formed on a mission, on a common desire,” says Heller. “Now that a goal is over, they have to find out, as most as they adore any other, how can they live together, and what will they do with their lives?

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