Did Former Director Sam Taylor-Johnson Throw All Kinds of Shades during a Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise?

June 20, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey was an impossibly successful movie. While a movie’s book and a story should be credited for a success, partial of it should also be credited to executive Sam Taylor-Johnson’s vision.

Taylor-Johnson destined a initial partial though shortly left a film since of an purported argument with author E.L. James on whose book a film was based. The executive recently non-stop adult about her strife with a author.

Sam Taylor-Johnson’s statement

Mail Online reported that Taylor-Johnson faced problems bringing her prophesy to life since of her clashes with James. The dual mostly clashed on a sets of a movie, arguing about how to move a book to a large screen.

The executive claimed that she hates fight and also does not know since a author disliked her. Their clashes took a fee on a executive that she has no seductiveness left in a franchise.

On being asked if she were given an event to redo Fifty Shades of Grey, would she cruise doing it? She clearly voiced that she would hatred to do it again. She also simplified that she would never even watch a movie.

Conflict with a author

The whole argument began when Fifty Shades of Grey began filming. While operative on a movie, a dual would mostly have disagreements per their prophesy for a movie.

Taylor-Johnson noticed a film as a dim fairytale and on a other hand, James noticed it as erotic. What is engaging to know is that a executive had beaten a likes of Angelina Jolie to approach a movie.

She had even won a capitulation of a author though things started descending detached during filming. It is also believed that a dispute between a dual was so heated that they argued over a final line of a script.

During a stage between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, a executive wanted Steele to contend a couple’s pre-decided protected word “red.” But a author insisted that Steele says a word “stop.”

Decision to travel away

Since her dispute with a author was removing unequivocally heated and it was a calamity to work with her, a executive motionless to travel divided after a recover of a initial film.

Entertainment Weekly reported that there was a indeterminate devise for Taylor-Johnson to work on a dual sequels of Fifty Shades of Grey. But since a studio initial wanted to see a opening of a initial movie, that devise never materialized.

The executive done a preference to travel divided also since a author sought forlorn artistic control over a adaptations.

Sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey

Once Taylor-Johnson split ways with a franchise, James Foley was brought in to approach a supplement Fifty Shades Darker. He has had a good operative attribute with a author and does not know about what went wrong with a prior director’s dispute with a author.

Pedestrian reported that notwithstanding Foley holding over from Taylor-Johnson, a sequel’s opening during a box bureau was not that good. It finished adult grossing $200 million reduction than a predecessor, serve hinting that fans are now wearied of these movies.

Foley is also portion as a executive for a third movie, that is approaching to recover subsequent year. It will also interpretation a trilogy.

Release date

Fifty Shades Freed, the third film in a trilogy will recover on Feb. 9 subsequent year.


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