Did This 86-Year Old Woman Write The Next ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

August 21, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Georgie Marie


If a lady can turn a New York Times bestselling author by branch her summary house Twilight fan novella into a array like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” afterwards because couldn’t someone’s great-great grandmother find success in erotic intrigue novels as well? Georgia Gorringe published her initial book progressing this year during a ripe, immature age of 86, after she spent 5 years essay a story of a wearied housewife who unexpected feels a titillate to be adventurous. The means of her curiosity? The extended passionate interest of a speak radio host’s voice. It’s transparent that she hasn’t been listening to NPR.

Gorringe, who uses a coop name Georgie Marie, admits that “No Good-Bye” is “full of steaminess,” though she also maintains that it’s clearly fictitious. However, her daughter, Bobbie Posey, told KUTV News that it’s not all that simple.

“I keep revelation people, it’s all fiction,” insists Gorringe.

“It is, though a lot of it is indeed genuine life,” pronounced Posey. “I mean, we know who she’s articulate about.”

Gorringe hopes others will learn a characters, stories, and a startling finale that she’s spent years creating.

“I consider they’d improved review it to find out,” she said. (Via KUTV News)

We could assume extravagantly about that speak radio horde that Gorringe has created about, though there’s no point. It’s clearly Rush Limbaugh, who boasts a passionate participation of a grown longhorn walrus.

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