Disney’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Is a Same Story as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey …

March 9, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Listen, we don’t unequivocally know how to use a word “ironic.” we feel like each time we occupy it, someone most wiser than me explains that what we am describing is unequivocally only coincidental, curious, or paradoxical.

So I’m not going to contend we suspicion it was mocking when we saw a same FB friends that screamed snub over Fifty Shades of Grey weird out with fad about a new Beauty and The Beast. But we am going to contend we suspicion it was… odd.

Let’s recap.

The screen opens. A puzzling male with a dim secret. Something in his past has left him damaged, dark, angry. A immature lady flushed with innocence. The male uses abuse, coercion, and fear to say control. The lady goes behind for more. Ultimately, a puzzling male is redeemed by his organisation with a immature girl. He is remade from removed beast to mainstream “man of a house” by a finish of a tale. Ah, romance.

And that’s only Beauty and The Beast. we don’t unequivocally have to write a Fifty Shades of Grey synopsis, since it would review accurately a same way. They are a same story. (Sure Christian had an violent childhood and a Beast is a meanie that had a run in with a sorceress, but, in this case, a demon is not in a details.)

I consider by all a pronounce of sexualization and “DID DAKOTA JOHNSON SHOW, YOU KNOW, IT?” we’ve mislaid a genuine apprehension in this year’s blockbuster tale. Forget a Red Room. Fifty Shades of Grey is truly upsetting since one of a longest using story lines is a heroine’s rejection to pronounce up, not only about what she wants, though what she fears. She stays wordless since she doesn’t wish to remove a man. A male that hurts her to a indicate of tears. With a belt. Against her will. (The Atlantic has an glorious essay on a judgment of agree within a trilogy. Guess what? That thing Grey and Steele have? It’s not a mutual understanding.)

Many people continue to pronounce about Anastasia’s fantastic detriment of virginity, I’d like to hear some-more pronounce about her fantastic detriment of self.

If we rail opposite Fifty Shades of Grey, though afterwards take a daughters to see a Disney’s new Beauty and The Beast, we are promulgation them a horrific message.

We are revelation them that good girls change bad men. That it is their pursuit to change bad men. That it is, in fact, a things of angel tales to change bad men. We are revelation them that they are redeemers not partners. We are revelation them man’s healthy state is cruel and woman’s healthy state is meekness. We are revelation them that abuse is something a attribute can get over… if a lady is only studious enough. We are revelation them that adore is a dim and circuitous trail instead of a light that illuminates. We are revelation them that a scapegoat of self is a eucharist of love. We are revelation them that this is all only excellent as prolonged as what we understand to be unlawful sex is not involved. And by doing so, we are revelation a girls that what we call their trait is some-more critical than, we know, themselves.

That is a summary I’ll never offer to my girls with a side of popcorn.

They merit better.

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