Doctor: Fifty Shades of Grey baby bang in North Texas

December 5, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

One alloy pronounced there’s a Fifty Shades of Grey baby bang in one North Texas suburb.

Plano Medical Center set a record high of 30 births in a past dual days. They typically normal about 50 births in 7 days in a bustling week.

A alloy during a sanatorium pronounced a reason for all a business is due to a recover of a film Fifty Shades of Grey. The film also happened to be expelled on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2015.

Whatever a reason, it’s a lot of birthdays to applaud in North Texas.

“I indeed had no idea there had been that many babies until they told me means they had been in and out, checking on me,” pronounced new mom Karson Knight.

The sanatorium on normal has 200 deliveries a month and is on lane this month to broach some-more than 400 babies.

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