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February 4, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

For 10 years, James Robertson walked 21 miles to and from his bureau pursuit in a Detroit suburbs, never angry and even carrying ideal assemblage notwithstanding a strenuous journey. He never suspicion that one day, a journal would share his story, changing his life forever.

A landowner who would offer him rides when their paths crossed told a Detroit Free Press they should write a form on Robertson, 56, and a rest is history: His story and work ethic overwhelmed readers so most that one, college tyro Evan Leedy, set adult a GoFundMe page that has already lifted $250,000 in donations. “I am always going to be in your debt,” Robertson told Leedy when they met on Monday. “I will never forget this.”

Robertson’s Honda pennyless down in 2005 and he couldn’t means to correct it, so when his association changed to a opposite area, he had to rest on brief train routes and his feet to get to work. Now, Robertson is being offering cars by internal dealerships, and a income that’s been lifted will go toward automobile insurance, gas, maintenance, and expected medical and dental expenses. Even with his newfound riches, Robertson won’t quit his $10.55-an-hour job, observant he loves his co-workers and bosses too much, and he also won’t leave a executive Detroit area where he has always lived. “I’ve seen what happens when people get money,” he said. “My dad, God rest his soul, he still influences me. He’s not going to let me get haughty.”

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