Durnovarian Dames go fifty shades of grey for carnival

June 14, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

DURNOVARIA Dames scheming their fair entry

SEVERAL new groups have come brazen to enter this year’s Dorchester Carnival.

For a initial time Dorchester Town Council will be entering a eventuality with a “Bill and Ben” thesis to simulate a series of parks and gardens a management looks after.

But rather some-more risqué is a entrance from another organisation – with a Fifty Shades of Grey theme. The Durnovarian Dames, ladies from Dorchester and villages circuitously who accommodate once a month to make new friends, discuss over coffee and biscuits and take partial in several activities or trips, have come adult with a idea.

Brenda Brewer, who is a member of a group, said: “We accommodate for fun and loyalty and we only suspicion it would be good to support a fair as it is such a village event.

“We motionless to lift income for Air Ambulance and DCH Dementia Unit. These are a selected charities for 2016.

“Upon conference a thesis was Storytime a initial book that came to mind aptly patrician for a Durnovarian Dames was Fifty Shades of Grey as a ladies are of a certain age and many carrying ‘distinguished tones of grey locks’. Announcing this book idea to them brought smiles to their faces and rapturous laughter! Just what we are anticipating a spectators will do on fair day and present generously.

“We’ve never entered a fair before, so we’re looking brazen to everybody entertaining us on as we go turn in a procession.”

The organisers are penetrating that any income lifted goes behind to a village groups that take partial in a fair and there are even prizes adult for grabs in any of a 4 categories (children’s walking, children’s floats, blurb entries and non-commercial entries eg charities or internal groups).

Jenny Webster, who is organising a fair procession, said: “The winning entrance in any of a 4 categories will win £100 and a altogether leader will get a serve £100, so this could be a unequivocally good day for some groups.

“The cheques for a winning entries are given out on a day, so don’t be shy, get your entrance in now.

“As good as a esteem money, don’t forget that any organisation that takes partial will get a share of a income we collect. This income will be given out during a display dusk in September.”

The fair way will take place on Saturday, Jun 18th during 5.30pm and it is giveaway for anyone to take part.

Care South has turn a categorical sponsors for  this year’s carnival.

There is some-more information about a fair and an entrance form on a fair website www.dorchestercarnival.org.


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