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May 13, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

“Still Aliceâ€� (2014, PG-13, 101 min., $30.99) Julianne Moore continues to infer she’s a tip singer with severe roles that exam her resources of skills. In “Still Alice,â€� Moore has a pretension purpose as a shining Columbia highbrow with a good family. On a visiting harangue to another university, Alice practice memory problems. She doesn’t cruise it to be critical until it happens a few some-more times. A outing to a dilettante reveals she has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The diagnosis will also have an measureless impact on her family’s future, as they learn to adjust to a decrease of a desired one. Moore’s Oscar as best singer for this purpose was severely deserved. Her honest opening gives “Still Aliceâ€� a merciful feel. Based on a a 2007 best-seller of a same name from Lisa Genova, a film handles a illness with gentleness, yet it doesn’t skip a tough realities. Some good special facilities are accessible in customary DVD and Blu-ray packages, including featurettes that try a creation of a film and a few of a components. Deleted scenes are also available. 3 stars

“Fifty Shades of Greyâ€� (2015, R, 125 min., $29.98) On a strength of a extravagantly renouned trilogy of eccentric novels from E. L. James comes “Fifty Shades of Grey,â€� blending from a initial book. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, a film is mostly a borefest filled with catastrophic discourse and a miss of chemistry between a leads, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. “Fifty Shadesâ€� does have some positives, including a decent pursuit from a expel and copiousness of atmosphere, yet it’s tough to overcome a bad source material. The film follows Anastasia (Johnson), an appealing college grad who gets a possibility to talk a immature and brooding billionaire named Christian (Dornan) for her propagandize paper. Anastasia is captivated to Christian right away, and a billionaire takes a fondness to a immature woman, as well. What Anastasia doesn’t know is Christian has his share of dim secrets and some vast passionate desires. There’s a connection, yet Anastasia doesn’t know if she wants to excavate into his disfigured world. Fans of a film will wish to collect adult a Blu-ray package, since it’s installed with special features, including a opposite cut of a film and some inestimable featurettes. 1.5 stars

“The Cobblerâ€� (2014, PG-13, 94 min., $27.97) When it comes to bad comedies, Adam Sandler has a marketplace cornered. Putting a “SNLâ€� alum in a Tom McCarthy film offers hope, though. The director’s finished good work in a past, charity facilities like “The Station Agentâ€� and “The Visitorâ€� and “Win Win.â€� Unfortunately, “The Cobblerâ€� won’t go down as his best. A toned-down Sandler puts in a good performance, yet what starts out as an beguiling design veers off a lane in a final act with a tract that heads in a predictably typical direction. Sandler plays Max, an typical cobbler who runs a emporium in New York City. One night, his stitching appurtenance breaks and is forced to use a comparison one in a basement. While watchful for his patron to arrive, Max tries on a boots and turns into their owner. He realizes with a energy of a aged stitching machine, he can be anyone he wants. Max finds good and bad in his new power, yet eventually lands in a mark of difficulty that could cost him everything. Special facilities are flattering light inside customary DVD and Blu-ray packages. The sole additional is a making-of featurette that includes some interviews with a expel and crew. 1.5 stars

“Mortdecaiâ€� (2015, R, 107 min., $19.98) An A-list cast, including Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Munn, stars in David Koepp’s movement comedy about an art play named Mortdecai called in to assistance locate a stolen painting. Mortdecai faces terrorists and other dangerous elements in a tellurian search.

“These Final Hoursâ€� (2013, NR, 87 min., $24.98) Nathan Phillips and Sarah Snook star in this baleful thriller created and destined by Zak Hilditch. The film follows a male named James looking to join his partner during a celebration before a universe comes to an end. His highway won’t be easy, though, as he faces prolonged contingency in a city that’s left crazy.

“Tracersâ€� (2014, PG-13, 94 min., $19.98) Parkour is during a core of filmmaker Daniel Benmayor’s movement film about a bicycle follower named Cam in debt to a mob. He finds a approach to compensate his debt by fasten a organisation that pulls off heists around a city. With each job, a stakes get most higher. Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos star.

“Champsâ€� (2015, NR, 91 min., $22.98) Director Bert Marcus takes a low demeanour into a lives of fighting champions Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins in this divulgence documentary that doesn’t lift any punches. Featuring interviews from Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, a doc is a estimable mural of these champions.

“White Rabbitâ€� (2013, NR, 90 min., $21.99) Britt Robertson, Sam Trammell and Nick Krause star in executive Tim McCann’s play about a bullied teen who’s been carrying visions of a white rabbit he killed when he was younger. Eventually, he starts conference melancholy voices that inspire him to lift out aroused acts opposite those around him.

“The Drownsman� (2014, NR, 88 min., $22.98) A thriller that garnered commend during a many fear festivals opposite a country, this is a story of a immature lady who shuts out her friends after roughly drowning in a lake. When her friends try to help, they unknowingly unleash a abnormal force that threatens all of their lives.

“Dinosaur Islandâ€� (2014, NR, 90 min., $19.99) Lost in a land of wonder, a immature male and lady try to find their approach behind home opposite some critical odds. They come adult opposite genealogical locals and flesh-eating dinosaurs in a universe that seems to reason all that’s left archaic from earth. Darius Williams and Kate Rasmussen are a leads.

“Icetastrophe� (2014, NR, 86 min., $19.99) B-movie fun is on a menu for this disaster crack that packs in copiousness of action. Victor Webster, Jennifer Spence and Jonathan Winfrey star in this film about a separate meteorite that falls to earth with dangerous results. Two group are tasked with fasten a pieces together to save a world from certain disaster.

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