EastEnders fans perplexed by Ronnie and Jack’s erotic ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ showering scene

March 14, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

EastEnders fans were left a small perplexed this evening.

Just a few mins into tonight’s episode, former father and mother Ronnie Mitchell [ Samantha Womack ] and Jack Branning [Scott Maslen] motionless to rekindle their romance.

And they did that by throwing themselves into a severely ardent lick before creation their approach into a shower.

Those tuning in during home were a small repelled by a scarcely risque stage and were discerning to take to Twitter thereafter to discuss.

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Ronnie and Jack got erotic in a showers on Eastenders.

Ronnie and Jack have got EastEnders fans talking

“Goodness what a scene! That was a bit most for 8:05! But fab, Ronnie and Jack are behind on! #EastEnders,” wrote on fan.

Another commented: “Ronnie and Jack removing all Fifty Shades on us #EastEnders.”

Shortly afterwards, a opposite spectator tweeted: “What a ruin was that showering sex stage Jack and Ronnie have got a bit raunchy.”

Ronnie and Jack got erotic in a showers on Eastenders.

Jack and Ronnie are behind on

Despite a risque scenes, EastEnders fans were blissful to finally see Ronnie and Jack give their attribute another go after she tracked him down during companion Delphine’s wedding.

The Mitchell sister was disturbed her ex was marrying a overwhelming brunette.

However, it incited out she’d gotten her wires crossed and Jack was simply a guest during Delphine’s large day.

But how prolonged will a attribute final this time around?

EastEnders earnings to BBC One tomorrow night during 7.30pm.

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