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September 26, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Sexual attack is horrifyingly pervasive in a U.S., and females between a ages of 16 and 19 are 4 times some-more expected to be victims than a ubiquitous population. According to a National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by a U.S. Department of Justice, on average, some-more than a entertain of a million people are raped or intimately assaulted in a U.S. any year (estimates from other organizations, such as a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are many higher). However, rape and passionate attack are among a many underreported crimes in a country, and many victims know their attackers.

We competence never know how many victims of passionate attack are indeed among us. RAINN is a largest American classification dedicated to combating passionate violence, and it acknowledges a problem in anticipating arguable statistics: “Sexual attack is notoriously formidable to measure, and there is no singular source of information that provides a finish design of a crime.” This should be a sobering fact for all of us — there are thousands of rape and passionate attack victims pang in overpower while their assailants travel free.

Jackson County District Judge Norbert Marek Jr. competence wish to remember this large assembly of unnamed victims before he creates another fun about passionate attack during a rape case.

Last week, a lady in Marek’s courtroom testified opposite Jacob C. Ewing — a 21-year-old Holton male who faces 17 sex crime charges from 6 opposite women (including rape, attempted rape, assailant sodomy, aggravated faulty liberties with a child underneath a age of 14 and aggravated passionate battery). After a lady testified Ewing ripped off her pants opposite her will, dragged her to his bed by her hair and forced her to have sex, Marek wondered aloud: “Is this ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ or 50 shades of illegal? That’s best left to a jury.”

This sprightly acknowledgement — implying that an purported assailant competence have been personification a passionate diversion with his prosecution — had no place in a courtroom. Not usually did it trivialize one of a many dire practice a chairman can have, though it also done an uncalled-for idea about a justification in a case. Marek was right about one thing: Speculation about what happened between Ewing and a lady is “best left to a jury” instead of a decider with a bizarre clarity of humor. While each suspect deserves a hypothesis of innocence, there’s no reason for a decider to publicly posit about a inlet of a box before all of a information is available.

Ewing’s prosecution voiced doubt that she’d been raped since she went to his residence “on my possess giveaway will.” We need to do all we can to absolved passionate attack victims of this idea — there’s never an forgive for rape or passionate assault, no matter a circumstances. By joking about a woman’s rape allegations, Marek unsuccessful to pierce us toward this necessary, open conversation. If different victims don’t consider they’ll be taken seriously, they’ll sojourn in a dark perpetually — and that would be a terrible visualisation on the society.


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