Erotic ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Hotel’ too tighten to chapel says city mayor

August 7, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey


The due plcae of Roissy Castle hotel.Google Maps

The opening of a new bondage-themed hotel has been behind by a city legislature arguing that a due plcae is too tighten to a encampment chapel.

Vilafranca, a Spanish city of only 2,500 residents, is home to a newly named ‘Roissy Castle’- a 20 room motel with over 1600 block feet of cave space for guest to suffer BDSM activities—including subjugation and discipline, prevalence and submission, perversion and masochism, according to a Daily Mail.

Like in a famed E.L. James novel, guest can use cessation tools, whips, woe studs, crosses, bondage and a accumulation of toys used to raise passionate pleasure. The hotel space also has 3 private dungeons.

The amorous board was scheduled to open Aug. 1, but  Oscar Tena, a town’s mayor, is now angry during a vicinity of a hotel to a tiny chapel where tourists and locals compensate loyalty to a town’s enthusiast saint. The mayor also claims a required paperwork has not been filed to open a grill and hotel on a site. 

The city legislature has now halted a opening indefinitely, arguing that a purveyor’s new intentions for a skill were not done clear. 

The Daily Mail is stating that a unknown businessman behind a hotel will sue a city gymnasium if a emanate is not resolved.

He claims that locals have been condescending a hotel site’s grill and bar that have been open given a commencement of a summer but incident.

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