Even Fifty Shades of Grey’s 90-Year-Old Editor Thinks a EL James Movie Could …

January 8, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey competence have super jam-packed cocktail enlightenment final year, though there is one trivia note about a film instrumentation of E.L. James’s bestseller with that we are many approaching still unfamiliar: The movie, that starred Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, was co-edited by a Hollywood fable behind-the-scenes—Anne V. Coates, a Oscar-winning editor obliged for a small film called Lawrence of Arabia. And forward of receiving a lifetime feat endowment from a Los Angeles Film Critics association, a 90-year-old—who has also edited In a Line of Fire, Out of Sight, and Erin Brockovich—opened adult on her partnership on a much-discussed R-rated film.

“It was kind of fun,” Coates tells The Hollywood Reporter about bringing Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey to life. Some people competence be astounded to learn that a nonagenarian was invited to splice scenes display a dual literary characters between a sheets—and Coates reveals that she was one of them. “I was astounded to be asked to do it, though we consider it was since we did [Adrian Lyne’s 2002 amorous thriller starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane] Unfaithful, that was sincerely sexy.”

Because of a book’s SM-themed content, audiences approaching Fifty Shades of Grey to be racier than it was. And during a interview, Coates suggested that she was of a identical mindset.

“I suspicion it could have been a small some-more raunchy myself,” Coates says, before charity an reason for since a film didn’t pull a pouch in a insinuate scenes. “Creatively, it was utterly engaging since they were perplexing to get as voluptuous as they could and get an R rating. So we were really smoothly going around some of a scenes.”

The film’s sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, opens in theaters Feb 10, 2017.

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