Ex-detective privileged of Fifty Shades of Grey-style sadomasochistic conflict on silent he met on Plenty of Fish

January 28, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

An ex-detective has been privileged of rising a “Fifty Shades of Grey”-style sadomasochistic conflict on a silent he met on a dating app.

Roy Hedley, 53, was found not guilty during Luton Crown Court in Beds of one count of common conflict and dual of passionate assault.

The jury took reduction than dual hours to strech their unanimous verdicts.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Hedley said: “They took an hour and 55 minutes, I’ll leave that with you. we didn’t do anything that she said.”

The box was injured by a fibre of military mistakes including officers unwell to seize a victim’s phone for scarcely a year and unwell to get essential CCTV.

Mr Hedley, who worked on a 7/7 apprehension attacks for a Met Police, told a jury that a lady had consented to everything.

He said: “I’m only a normal male who has a small bit of sharp stuff.”

Denying a sex conflict claims, he said: “She didn’t pull me away, she didn’t cry, she didn’t contend no. It was a two-way street.”

He added: “I was working like an comprehensive lady during all times, that’s because I’m doubtful by this.”

Mr Hedley pronounced a lady described him jokingly as “Christian Grey but a helicopter” after he suggested his adore of sadomasochism and bondage.

He was privileged of spitting in her mouth, vigourously grabbed her breast and another passionate allegation.

The ex-Detective Inspector met a accounts workman in her 40s on dating site Plenty of Fish in June, 2016, before arranging a date during a pub and afterwards going behind to his prosaic in Ware, Herts.

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