Ex-high propagandize football manager guilty in ‘Fifty Shades’ sexting box involving student

November 16, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A former partner football manager during Jones County High School pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges that he sent intimately pithy messages to a 16-year-old womanlike tyro final year.

In a tumble of 2016, Thomas Jacob Norman, now 29, was in his initial year of training during a propagandize when his roughly two-month attribute with a lady came to light that October. Another tyro reported suspicions about a intrigue between Norman and a lady to a teacher.

Norman, who coached a Greyhounds’ defensive line, was travelling to a propagandize in Gray from his home in Thomaston. He quiescent around a time of his Oct. 7, 2016, detain on charges that enclosed soliciting intimately pithy element from a girl, kissing her and electronically furnishing pornographic element to her. That material, authorities said, enclosed a sketch of his penis.

Prosecutors contend a lady sent Norman pithy messages in lapse and was, as Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Dawn Baskin put it, “flattered by” Norman’s attention.

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“She was impossibly naive,” Baskin told The Telegraph on Thursday.

Earlier this year after Norman was indicted, Baskin described content and amicable media messages between Norman and a tyro as being “more pithy than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’” a renouned amorous novel and movie.

The box opposite Norman was set for hearing Wednesday. A jury had been picked, though Norman chose instead to beg guilty to charges that enclosed perplexing to rivet in passionate control with someone he had a supervisory position over.

All told, Norman and a tyro had some-more than 2,000 total electronic interactions — phone calls, texts and contacts around Snapchat and Facebook — over a 19-day span. Though a span were suspicion to have communicated some-more than that, those messages were a usually ones that authorities recovered.

Jones sheriff’s Sgt. Clay Wiggins scoured Norman’s cellphone and found some of Norman’s deleted messages to a girl, Baskin said.

Norman was condemned to 7 years on probation, a initial 6 months of that contingency be served behind bars.

“The unhappy thing in all of this,” Baskin said, “is not usually did he trick a 16-year-old girl, though he’s married with dual children.”

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