We’re starting to consider author, domestic commentator, and ubiquitous all-purpose show-off Piers Morgan competence get a certain disturb out of removing knocked around on Twitter. Hot off removing into a high-profile squabble with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling—over comments Morgan done final week on Real Time With Bill Maher about a semantics of President Trump’s transport ban—Morgan invited Fifty Shades Of Grey author E.L. James into his conversational boudoir with a rather out-of-nowhere dig:

Morgan was referencing a many, many people who have been promulgation him quotes from Rowling’s books, in response to his explain never to have review a best-selling wizarding series. James—whose Fifty Shades Darker is now in theaters—ignored a pragmatic insult of Morgan’s twitter and responded gamely, promulgation him an mention that positively sounds like something Christian Grey would contend in one of his reduction erotically charged moments…

…only to focus with a follow-up tweet:

It’s not transparent either Morgan has sought suitable aftercare for this latest open spanking.

[via The Independent]

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