‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Casting Update: Have Charlize Theron And Henry Cavill …

August 13, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

With prolongation set to start during any time for Fifty Shades Darker, there are copiousness of spoilers commencement to aspect on who will be personification some of a new characters in a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. With that in mind, are both Charlize Theron and Henry Cavill set to make an coming in a new film?

According to Movie News Guide, filmmakers are meditative about employing Theron for a purpose of Elena Lincoln, also famous as Mrs. Robinson, for a sequel. Mrs. Robinson is Christian Grey’s (Jamie Dornan) former widespread partner who introduced him to a universe of BDSM.

At a same time, Cavill is being deliberate to take on a purpose of Jack Hyde. Hyde is Anastasia’s (Dakota Johnson) new boss, who takes a fondness to her and tries to have sex with her. Cavill is best famous for his roles as Superman in Man of Steel and a arriving film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Although it hasn’t been strictly announced who will be personification a roles of Hyde and Lincoln, both Dornan and Johnson will be reprising their lead roles in a new movie. With prolongation for a supplement about to start up, Johnson recently sat down with El Pais and talked about how vehement she is to get behind to filming.

“I’m not certain I’m authorised to say, though it’s function and I’m looking brazen to saying a rest of a expel again and a crew… We had such a smashing family and we mean, apparently it was a fastening knowledge to fire this movie.”

Despite still not carrying a executive for a subsequent dual movies, a prolongation for Fifty Shades Darker is approaching to start soon. With a initial film grossing over $560 million worldwide, a second film has also seen a boost in income for both Dornan and Johnson, who will see their roles enhance as a film picks adult after a events in Fifty Shades of Grey.

In further to a lapse of Dornan and Johnson, Fifty Shades Darker will also star Rita Ora as Grey’s sister, and Eloise Mumford as Anastasia’s good friend, Kate. Further, according to News Every Day, Cara Delevingne is set to play a purpose of Leila Williams. Williams is a former cooperative partner of Grey.

Fifty Shades Darker is set to premiere on Feb 10, 2017, followed by a Feb 9, 2018, recover for a third film in a franchise, Fifty Shades Freed.

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