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August 18, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s singular to accommodate somebody who has no opinion on Fifty Shades of Grey. Some adore it. Many hatred it. But like it or not, E.L. James’ trilogy of books tapped into a zeitgeist in a approach no other book array has maybe given Harry Potter.

The film that followed was a outrageous box bureau success, though it perceived a slew of lukewarm reviews, averaging 46 on Metacritic. That’s indeed not a disaster, and we reckon there’s intensity – depending on a ambitions of a executive (currently unknown) and Universal Pictures – to spin this authorization into something honestly decent. With that in mind, here’s how Fifty Shades Darker could learn from a mistakes of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Make it kinkier

In a examination of a initial film, a New York Post described Fifty Shades as “diluted (and) softcore”. The Miami Herald wrote that “it doesn’t enthuse lust”. “Mild irritation in this porn-saturated day and age”, combined Variety. You could substantially have taken your mom to watch it, if we unequivocally wanted, and left a cinema not feeling too mortified.

Let’s face it: a source element these films are operative with is not Shakespeare. The cinema need to find a approach to rouse a badly-written book into something some-more interesting, though one thing a books do have going for them is a s-word.

Lots of it.

E. L. James does not reason behind in describing what Ana and Christian get adult to in a “playroom”, so since was Fifty Shades of Greythe film – so temperate in a depictions of a act?

Perhaps since a studio put vigour on executive Sam Taylor-Johnson to keep things clean, a film came off bland. In France, a film was rated a 12, on criticism of a “tasteful” sex scenes, that were kept to a “bare minimum”. Perhaps not utterly “bare” enough…

In Fifty Shades Darker, there needs to be some-more – some-more nudity, some-more bondage, some-more striking physicality. Let’s watch Christian go down on Ana. Put it this way: we don’t buy a cake with a cherry on top, usually to collect a cherry off and leave it on your plate. You wish to eat that cherry.

Create something iconic

Like that scene in Basic Instinct, in that Sharon Stone exerts her full energy over an inquire room full of military detectives who unexpected find themselves in utterly a state. The pretence is to use idea to emanate a method or an picture that will hang in a memory prolonged after a assembly leaves a cinema.

Not easy to do, though if Fifty Shades wants to leave a bequest behind, it could do worse than training from one of a all-time classical amorous thrillers.

Lead actors who don’t depreciate any other

The initial 20 seconds of this video are positively incredible. we watched 3 times usually to feed off a pristine awkwardness radiating from these dual actors who seem to truly depreciate any other.

Unfortunately, Dakota Blue and Jamie Dornan have to make another dual cinema together, so they should substantially find a approach to suffer any other’s company, and maybe that will afterwards interpret into on-screen chemistry. Because right now, it’s lacking.

Run with a ‘jealous Elena’ subplot

In a novel, Ana becomes bitterly troubled after finding that Christian began a passionate attribute with Elena, a Mrs. Robinson figure, when he was usually 15. Elena in spin becomes sceptical that Christian has taken Ana as his new lover, and not usually that though has regretful feelings for her. Scheming ensues.

Now, women fighting over a affections of a male competence be a bit ‘misogyny 101’, though E. L. James already left feminism during a door, so we competence as good keep things sharp with a bit of classic, green-eyed envy. Why not obstruct from a tract of a novel and have Elena induce a devise to kill Ana? If Fatal Attraction taught us anything, it’s that a lady neglected creates glorious cinema.

Some women don't take rejecting well...
Some women don’t take rejecting well…

Do we have any suggestions for how Fifty Shades Darker could urge on a rather “vanilla” film (to recycle a tenure from a novel)? Should a sexiness cause be ramped up, or could a story separate from a book? Perhaps there’s a certain executive who could move a hold of erotica to a supplement – where are you, Brian De Palma?

Whatever your take on Fifty Shades of Grey and a supplement movie, leave a criticism next and let us know what we wish from Fifty Shades Darker!

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